Oh the indignity!!!!

Teulu went to doggie camp for about 4 days during my families visit.  During that time I had the staff give him a nice bath and I asked that they shave off some of his heavy coat for the summer.


Clearly, I should have given the groomer more instructions.


She did the cut that she gives to Shih-tzu's to my teulu!  He looks rather ridiculous.  Luckily, he is not a sensitive type and had not noted how strange he appears.  And well, he is cooler and the hair will grow back.  Still!!!!!  He now really looks like a labrador with a poofy tail and funny face.  I hope it grows quickly.   

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11 thoughts on “Oh the indignity!!!!

  1. LOL!!!! It's a great thing that he's not the sensitive type:) Really it's precious! As long as HE doesn't care, it seems like the only way to go in this horrible heat. Actually, I wish my Malamute wasn't so sensitive about HIS apprearance or I'd do the same to him. I've never seen a naked malamute before though! hehehe

  2. rofl – I would have freaked if a pet dog came back with a short back and sides like that! Has he actually seen himself in a mirror yet – he may not have realised the mutt in the reflection is actually him!

  3. How 'cool' and cute! The body and tail don't quite match but just like some people can make any outfit look stylish, Mr. Teulu makes this cut look dashing! His weenie is free and clear to leave pee-mails too. Hehe
    On a scale of 1-10 on the adorable scale? Teulu is a 12 for sure!

  4. Awe! He's cute! I'd probably take a pair of scissors to his tail myself…but that's just me.
    We used to have our cocker shaved 'short all over' with 'poodle feet'. Especially in the summer. But, he was black, we lived in the Houston, Texas area, and he came in from the back yard, straight onto carpet. The first time we had this done, Pappy looked all ashamed….but after that first time he would strut around like he was 'all that'. He loved his baths and shaves.

  5. A rough spring and summer for Teulu! First is his manhood is taken away and he gets an infection. Then he gets shaved. 😉 He still looks cute even though he looks more like Beacon and Haven now.

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