Jog Dog

I have been very demotivated regarding exersise since my family visit last week.  This is in part because I always get discombobulated with change, and also because I am in the process of getting everything ready for the exodus to New Hampshire!!!

In addition to that my left leg has not felt that great since my last race effort, so I have been attempting to rest it.  Unfortunately, I then took it a step further by not doing a whole lot of anything. 

Today I decided to try again to combine exersising the dog with exersising myself.  When Teulu was a puppy

He really was unable to run with me, not only was he too small, it was also bad for the development of his hips.

now of course…he is an adult, and I've remained in the habit of running alone and then walking him.  Unfortunately it isn't always enough to walk him.  He then gets restless and paces and is otherwise unpleasant. 

So today I took him out for a short 1.3 mile run.  He has a lot of energy but not a ton of endurance.  This run pretty much knocked him out for about 6 hours. 

It went fairly well.  My pace was a bit slower than normal, and I had a few occasions that were problematic.  The worst was when Teulu stopped very abruptly right in front of me to explore a wood chip.  I couldn't really stop, so I ended up running into him…which surprised him and me.  After that he stayed a little better to the side. 

On our run we saw some interesting things.   We live in a rural neighbourhood, so the first thing to encounter was a


doe.  There are a lot of deer in the neighbourhood.  In a way I wish they were more skittish of humans.  This doe let us run right by.  Teulu of course got very excited, but the doe simply kept walking in the direction she intended to go, unpreturbed by us.  I think she is the one eating my shrubbery!  I was hoping that several more would follow, as they often do, but it was a lone doe.

We then continued up the other street in my neighbourhood.  I made it up a steep hill and was happy to be coming back down.  By now Teulu was panting heavily (despite the freshly shorn sheep look he is sporting!).  He started to pull in the opposite direction.  I was a little surprised because he usually doesn't pull to the side, just either in front of me or he lags behind.  So I stopped.  It was a turtle!!!  I thought about Beacon and Haven (Amandrew's doggies!) and their recent very long running experience.

Teulu was wildly excited by the turtle who was moving right along.  I wanted to get a closer look, but teulu was in "predator mode" I could see he really wanted to pick it up and possibly toss it like he does his balls.  Of course I couldn't allow that sort of thing, so I had to take a fast look and finish the run.


I think it was this one to the right. They are native to the area. 

On the way home, I did see a rather big black snake in the neighbours lawn.  For some peoples sake, I   will refrain from posting that.  I was a little not too happy about the size of Mr. Snake.  I know he keeps the pests down, but he could be a tad bit smaller in my opinion.

So, overall a decent run.  A little slower than if I had done it alone, but the best side effect.  Teulu has been pretty good all day. So, I'm going to try to keep up running him around and see how we do.

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7 thoughts on “Jog Dog

  1. I haven't really run with either of the dogs since I'm still getting down the learning thing myself. I'm not ready to add a dog to the mix just yet. It took Andrew some time for the dogs to get used to the running routine. Even now Haven's a little better than Beacon because she has gone out more often. The dogs even know the "left, left, left" command, which means Andrew's turning left (and no longer has to trip over one or both of them). I also think that at least for Haven my pace is too slow. Teulu will get used to things as you keep taking him. And his endurance will get better. Of course if a 1.3 mile run knocked him out you may enjoy that for now.

  2. Glad to hear you and your boy had fun! Maybe he thought that turtle was a walking brick?There have been many times that my dogs stopped in front of me. Haven tends to do that when she gets confused; she stops and looks at me just in time to see me trying not to crash into her! She even did that during my first Doggie Dash 5K – somehow I managed to do a spin move and jump over the leash at the same time without falling down! Anyway, the more you run with him the better he'll understand the routine. Have fun!

  3. So cool that you were able to enjoy nature and get your exercise! We have a family of dear living in our back yard! I just found out that the man down the hill from us puts salt blocks out for them and feeds them cause he likes to see the deer in his yard. My malamute won't even howl at them anymore cause he's so used to them.
    Too funny about the snake that didn't show courtesy enough to be smaller! lol

  4. I'm with you on the snake size. I was out by the pond just in back of me and as I got close a dark brown snake (color of the bank) slowly slithered along thebank away from me. Was a little bigger than I wanted to see. :-/
    Sounds like a good partnership for you two. So the slower, shorter run was okay for your leg I assume? Hope so. 🙂

  5. Some how I missed this post.
    I'm glad you had a good run. I hope Teulu gets used to running with you sooner than later.
    Cool about the deer, not so cool that they may be eating your shrubs.
    Thank you very much for not posting a snake picture. ~~shudder~~ It is bad enough that you had to see one, and it was bigger than any snake should be. LOL!!

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