Unexpected complications….

Oh My what a day!!!

I started out with a plan to do my yearly check up at the doctors office, and then run over to this lab where I could provide them with a nice sample for a drug screen for my new contract. 


So, I go to the check up, and the doctor decides that I NEED a mammogram, TODAY! 

Now, there really wasn't anything going on.  At least thats what she told me.  I asked if ti was really necessary, and she said yes.  So I wondered.  So I finished my exam, and then drove over to the hospital for the Mammo, which she had somehow arranged in quite a jiffy.  I get into the exam room and the technician starts asking me about the lumps…I'm asking her…what lumps?  It turned out there were three lumps in the left, so I got squeezed and the ultrasounded.  All of this ended up taking about 3 hours.  I did finally start to complain after 2 that I needed to be doing something else…(the drug screen…).

So the Mammo office people are extremely serious, and I am sure they deal with very serious things daily, but i keep telling them again and again…"My breasts are fine".  The techs kept giving me these pity looks and continued to make "gentle statements" such as, "well of course they are, but your doctor sent you over in a hurry…so we'll just check it out…"

As I sat there I had to endure other women who for some reason wanted to talk to ME about their lumps and their exams and you know….I have to listen to it at work….why when I am a patient as well.   I have yet to figure out a polite way to really shut the bold and determined up.  I looked at a magazine, did not make eye contact, did the vague 'uh huh' which is a good cue that i'm not interested.  But nothing would shut these ladies up. I get that we all have breasts, but that was about where the commonality ended.  All the other ladies were about 50 and rather curious about why I at a younger age was hunched over in the pink gown like them.   The doctor, who turned out to be the director of the Mammo program at the hospital laughed when I told him and said they were actually thinking about redesigning the waiting room for that reason.

So, My breasts are fine.  My Mammo was very easy to read.  The lumps are lumps, not cancer.  This is a good thing, but not unexpected, at least in my opinion.   

On to drug screen.  I actually get lost in Raleigh.  Horribly lost.  I could not find I-40.  I finally find it, and then I find all the other streets for the directions, but instead of a nice lab, I find a 'crack-ho' neighborhood.  SO after driving around for a while (with a very full bladder) I decided to go home.  On the way home, I attempted to go to a different lab but it was closed for the day.  Either I will get it done on Saturday or I will end up having to call out on Monday…

Now today is a day I would have liked to have a drink of some nice wine.  But yo can bet I am no getting back in the car for it!!!! 

OK, that was sort of a ranty post….I will attempt to post something  a bit more interesting in a while….

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4 thoughts on “Unexpected complications….

  1. I'm glad you ended up with a clean bill of health. It can be very nerve wracking to sit there and wait while some 'unknown' decides our future. I've had the unexpected breast lump 'inspection'. It is not a pleasant way to spend the day. Wondering and waiting if this is the beginning of a new way of life.
    I hope that you find the lab w/o any problem when you next venture out.

  2. This is GREAT that they were just lumps! Poor Holly! I can just picture you with the ladies who want to talk about their breasts! lol Welcome to the world of being a patient, for a change! lol I'm, unfortunately, very used to these scenarios (just not with mamograms). It seems like EVERYONE I sit by wants to tell me about their health problems. They usually end up asking me what's wrong with me and I usually don't care to talk about it. I haven't figured out a good way to avoid them either except to pretend like I'm asleep or to play a game on my phone. For some reason, they don't want to interrupt you when you're playing a game but they'll interrupt you when you're reading.
    Again, I'm so glad it wasn't anything serious. That had to be pretty scary!

  3. thank you….I was actually not worried. I know that sounds perposterous, but based on what I had been told for years I knew it wasn't cancerous. I don't know what the deal is with people wanting to tell complete strangers about their inner workings…
    its wierd I tell you.

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