Down to the Wire

So, I'm down to the wire.  I move July 6th the day after my last 12 hours in the ED here.

I got pretty emotional today.  I went in to work and was walking to get my coffee and no less than 15 people said "Hello/how are you/etc etc"  This may not seem strange to people who work in an office setting, but I work in a Huge Hospital.  Another staff member even commented today, "Gee K, you know everyone!!!"

I pretty much cut my teeth in the Emergency Department.  Even though I've been elsewhere, I still have a deep deep affection for the place, and it's staff…and yet I know I also need to move on to different, not necessarily better, things this year. 

   June was so tough financially.  I had car insurance due, then I had the Veterinary emergency which set me back, my own PT expenses….and 6 months of a water bill.  So when it came to pay the mortgage today I was actually scrambling a little.  I have just enough for the big payment, and the little payment will have to be a little late.  On Friday there will be a flurry of bills going out as I am on the road.  This is one of the first times in my life where I have had to actually wonder if I could cover all the bills.  Last night I came close to feeling intense panic over it and had to keep reassuring myself that by Thursday night I would have money again. 

Even though I will miss my current job, I'm pleased that I'll be making more moeny and able to hopefully save and get back on my feet financially.

I'm half way packed…and moving right along.  Things seem to be moving a lot faster than I would like!!!!

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4 thoughts on “Down to the Wire

  1. Hopefully after you're physically in the new place things will calm down. Will you start working right away or have a few days to acclimate yourself to the area? I'm also assuming you've already got living arrangements set up. I hope the financial stuff falls more into place soon too.

  2. On July 6th, my oldest daughter will turn 23!!!!! July 6 is a lucky date so only good things will happen to you! lol I wish you well with the move. I know how crazy it can get. I know you'll like it once you get settled in and more comfortable:)

  3. I'm half way packed…and moving right along. Things seem to be moving a lot faster than I would like!!!!
    I hope that you'll keep posting regularly. I like the updates on your life.

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