Road Trip…and sequelae….

Well,  Teulu and I completed our Exodus to New Hampshire!


Wow what a trip.  We started out well, but I was feeling very stressed.  I had not packed well nor slept too well and I was fairly unprepared for the entire adventure.

But off we went.  Somewhere in Virginia I realized that my AC was not working too well.  Not really a problem for me, but defineitely one for the dog.  So we had to keep stopping and hosing him off at rest stops.  He did pretty well in the car after initially pacing up and down in his half shell crate. 

When i finally got to My Mom and Dad's home, i decided I had had enough driving and I was going to spend the night there.  We took the dog to the Conodiguinet Creek, which is on their property for a good stick fetching event.



He hasn't spent much time in the water, but the creek is so low this year that it was perfect for him.  He went right in and spent much of the time hopping up and down like a maniacal tigger after rocks that my Mom and I threw for him.

Mom taught me how to skip rocks, which is something I could never do before.  My mom is really good at it!  She could get them to skip 5-8 times.  My best was 4. This was really fun because my mom is very scared of my dog, so by having him in the stream and her on the bank they could play together without her becoming frightened. 

We actually went back to the house, hosed off the dog, and then my Dad decided he wanted to take Teulu to the creek as well, so we went back!  My Dad wore his wader boots so he got right in the stream with the dog.  Teulu got a bit braver and actually did a little swimming.  He would actually pat at the water with his feet and try to eat it as well, snapping his jaws at the water while he swam.  It was definitely a highlight for him, not only did he get to play in the water, he also gained experience with Horse and Buggy life, as they kept clattering over the covered bridge above him.  He looked adorable as he stood straight up in the wate, all wet with his ears perkedup tilting his head to the side looking for the noise.

He slept really well that night and I don't think he wanted to go back into the car with me for the long trek up to NH.

Luckily it was a cool day because the AC was still not pumping efficiently.  We drove through PA, NJ, NY, MA, CT, VT and NH.  I ended up on the  Saw Mill Parkway through NY, which was interesting 2 lane driving! I was fascinated by the bridges above the parkway which looked to have been constructed in the 1920's, most were brick or stone work with actual filigree on them!!!!!!! Anyway that was really nifty, and I enjoyed it.  

Ah well.  We made it up to NH.  I was amused by the Moose Crossing signs. I'm in a whole different environment.  For one thing, it's like EVERYONE is caucasian.  I'm not used to that, and it actually surprises me everywhere I go, everyone is caucasian.  Of course the accent is different to me too.  I wonder if people here think I have an accent?  No one has said anything.

I didn't see any Moose, but apparently there is a good

chance of it through this season.

  This is where things all start to get very difficult!!!!

I go to the address of the home I am supposed to be living in.  I can not find it.  My cell phone is dead, so i can't call anyone.  So I finally just go by the Hospital.  It's a small town.  The other nurses can't get in touch with this nurse either but they tell me that this house that is ON AN RV SALES LOT is my house.  So, In exhaustion, I go over there.  There is indeed a house on an RV sales lot.  OMG!  There are RV's parked all around it, all I can see is people knocking on my door asking me to show them the features of the models.  I go inside and half of the stuff I requested has not been done, the electric is not functioning in the bedroom, or upstairs bath.  Even with that, I was sort of OK.  I started to feed the dog and when I went to get him fresh water, voila….no water came out of the sink!!!   At that point, I realized that I could no longer deal and I just packed everything up and drove down the road to a local Holiday Inn express.  I snuck the doggie in, and allowed him to sleep on the bed with me.  I called my company and they immediately agreed that I couldn't live on a sales lot.  Teulu was super well behaved and did the "comforting dog move" by placing his muzzle on my feet and sighing deeply. At that point, I forgave him for all of the irritating and bad behaviors he has had over time!  My recruiter and I decided I must have had the wrong address.  No one could get in touch with the Nurse renting the home.

   This morning, I started to panic, but the company was already at work on it.  Using Craigs List, of all things, my housing person, located a newly renovated apartment which they want to rent to travel nurses solely! Currently they are putting in hardwoods, and it will be ready by next weekend.  I will probably be living there.  The Nurse finally called, and said, "Well, I told them the house was on my husbands business property"  She never mentioned what type of business.  She seemed to feel that living in a sales lot would be fine and couldn't see why I was sort of questioning the entire thing.   I won't be living there.  Unfortunately…she is a Nurse in the Department where I'll be working, so I am sure at least initially that may be difficult.  But you know….you would think that if a house is SURROUNDED by say 12 RV's for sale, you'd mention that.  I assume she will get way over it, because she is going to have to.  It was just too wierd. 

I've called the lady that owns the apartment thats being renovated and asked her to call me back, so I can drive over and see the place. 

Until she does I think I am going to sleep some more and hopefully feel energetic enough to run with the dog and then use the swimming pool!  (There are some perks to being "stuck" at the Holiday Inn….).  My recruiter and Housing specialist think I have a super positive attitude, but I am just on the edge here, knowing that they have to handle it. 

      I hope everyone else had a more fun and eventful Fourth of July Weekend!!!!

 I'm feeling very relaxed now, but I am hoping that the RV park housing situation doesn't become a very difficult one with the Nurse and her husband involved.  I am sure they saw it as a way to make money, but truth in advertising would have saved us all a bunch of hassle there. 

Teulu is super stressed.  He did finally start to eat again today.  He is definitely maturing and is becoming a wonderufl companion. I suppose spending that much time together in the car has us bonded now for life.  Currently he is keeping a very close eye on my and napping on the floor. 

I start work on Monday at Noon.  The hospital is small, and the ED even smaller. I think I'm going to enjoy it.  I'll be curious though to see how things work out due to RV house.  I may not be too popular.   

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10 thoughts on “Road Trip…and sequelae….

  1. Oh my, yeah that's not a good situation. I'm glad it seems you have found a solution but I can see how there might be some issues. Hopefully she won't give you too much hassle. I hope you see a moose. 🙂

  2. OOOh, I hope to see a Moose too….from a distance however.
    No matter what I am leaving in 13 weeks. I'm determined to enjoy the summer here, there's a lot of nice river to look at, if I get brave, I could make some excellent photos…
    and running…today I ran a few miles with the dog in a bg circle around the Holiday Inn parking lot. Boooring.

  3. Great story! That's so awesome for you and Teulu to play in the river like that. That situation would've completely stressed and annoyed me – it would've been tempting to drive back home! Glad to hear you got things figured out and it's really nice to see that Teulu seems to understand. Enjoy your 13 weeks!

  4. Wow! You are brave. I'm sure it will all work out well and you'll settle in nicely. Or at least have a great adventure!Moose are one of my favourite animals. Just take those moose crossing signs seriously and if its a choice between hitting the moose or hitting the ditch, HIT THE DITCH. I've seen those things very nearly kill people.

  5. OH. MY. Goodness! That whole RV thing is ridiculous. A new renovated apartment sounds fun and as you say stuck at the HIE isn't so bad either. Hope you get some pics and hope one of them is of a moose!

  6. Wow. Now that's an experience and a story and you have my deepest sympathy. Not the types of things you want to deal with after a long trip.Be very careful of moose. It's neat to see them, but the signs are there because it's not very neat to see one when you are driving at night and they're in the road in front of you. I've had a few close calls with deer and moose and there is quite a bit of roadkill around at times with lots of porcupines, skunks, and raccoons and sometimes a deer.Have a great first day at work and things will get much better. People in NH are friendly and helpful in my experience and I'm sure that things will work out ok.

  7. I really am a bit of a whiner. Soon enough it shall be settled. I am really very very concerned though about how working with the woman who owns this home is going to be. But really….if she has even a little perspective, she should realize no one wans to live on a sales lot, ad especially not without water and proper electricity….

  8. What an adventure for you and Teulu! I hope the living situation works itself out without any issues so that you can start settling in. I can't wait to see pictures of places you've checked out.

  9. I am really going to try to be better about taking photos. I am planning on some hiking with the dog. Have you read "Travels with Charley" by Steinbeck??
    I'mthinking Teulu's name chould havebeen Charley….now of course its too late!!

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