Housing success….Maybe

So the lady from the renovated up and down apartments called me this morning at 0800 am.

I had been up, walked the dog and then actually let him hang out in his crate in the car as it was 45 degrees, and he was getting wiggy….the crate reminds him that he is stil home.  He seems happier.

I went back in to lay down for a bit and had a long dream.  I was at Duke, but the staff were all people I didn't know, and I was working my new 10 hour a day schedule.  For some reason the hospital was overcrowded, to the point that I saw nurses and stretchers in what looked like a library.  This was major REM sleep.  I have not had any in about a week, so I suppose I was trying to get catch up. 

The phone jolted me out of this unusual dream, so I was completely disoriented.

The lady is lovely.  I will go look at the place tomorro at 9am.  I was too confused to go over there at this time, I was just sitting there trying to remember where I was!!

Its sounding very promising.  And frankly, if it has running water, and electric, well, I'll take it.

Now, here's hoping that the woman with the RV house doesn't kill me. She doesn't work until Wednesday.  Wednesday should be an interesting day indeed!!! 

I'm checking out places to go on my days off and I am finding ALOT of fun gardens and stuff to go to, so one day a week I'm going to try to do something, so I can feel I have had the real New England experience.

And I could run the RACE FOR THE CURE….again, I could do the one for Vermont/New Hampshire.  I think I probably will just because I find it so amusing.  Maybe I'll wear my NC Race for the Cure T shirt.  I've been jogging witht he dog…but really I'm not up to par.  My newest goal is to be able to run a ten K in about one hour…not a lofty goal at all, but a worthy one. 

Now to shower and try to prepare for this first day o working.


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4 thoughts on “Housing success….Maybe

  1. That would be pretty cool to wear your NC shirt in the NH race! How close are you to that 10K goal? 10K in an hour is a good goal to have; it might not feel lofty to you but you can still be satisfied when you reach it.

  2. Thanks for asking Susan! Nothing was mentioned about the housing, and it turns out the woman has a similar wry sense of humor, so we ended up getting along fine. And I do move into my new apartment on Saturday. I figured I'd save a post for when I could actually make some photos. I'm trying to keep my blog interesting, and photos seem to assist with that.
    I was glad to practice a non-judgemental moment with the woman, but she made it easy by turning out ot be a nice person. I can see even without discussion that she is a bit "money hungry" but thats her fault to deal with, not mine to point out….

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