Springfield VT embraces the Simpsons

Yesterday, as I was enjoying my free continental breakfast at the Holiday Inn in Springfield VT, This article in USA Today caught my eye.  It seems this particular Springfield had the most votes to be the place that the fictional animated Simpsons live.  So, the US premiere of the new Simpsons movie will be held here in Springfield VT.


I've always thought that Springfield Illinois was more like where the cartoon characters lived, but apparently America has voted, and the town where I am currently living is the home of the Simpsons!!!

Here are some Springfield VT images….



To me the SImpson's town always lookedsort of flat and grid like, more like Illinois or Oregon.  But, Vermonters have spoken!!

They have the premiere!!!  After which, all the other Springfields in the USA will have a special showing before the film opens all over. 


Will I go to the opening?  SURE!  If I can get a ticket.  My hope is that they will serve the Dunkin Donut Krullers.  🙂

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8 thoughts on “Springfield VT embraces the Simpsons

  1. There's a Springfield, MI a couple hours from us. So I heard on the news about the "fight" to have the premiere. I guess people in Michigan didn't vote enough!

  2. If I didn't already have a commitment for that weekend, I would probably make the drive. I'm a little over 2 hours away! I hope you get a ticket, or at least perhaps get some photos of the big premiere goings on. :)Did you see the video the town submitted? It was funny.

  3. As Vermonters people are very excited about this. My guess is while the voting was important. Springfield is also a good industrial town near a nuclear plant. Plus it is great to hear our stuffy governor get in on the publicity with Simpson one liners.

  4. well…I saw an article in the local paper. Apparently NO ONE can get tickets because it is the premiere, so first all the hoity toities are invited, and THEN locals. I'm not at all a local, so I am hoping that a lot of locals get to go. The theatre apparently only seats 300….all and all though it is pretty neat!

  5. Ed says:

    I am one of 200 volunteer actors and extras who appeared in the now famous Springfield Vermont Simpsons video.On the day of the movie premiere, I talked separately with our two leading ladies outside the theater. Both brought up how unfair it was that we as a group were not invited to any of the four premiere showings. One made the point, "They wouldn't have won without us." Ninety-eight percent of our fellow townspeople had declined to answer the casting call. I asked the local coordinator for the premiere event why we weren't invited. She said they thought about it but there were just too many of us. Hard to understand when they had over 600 tickets to give away after the first showing for VIPs. At least invite the few the public would recognize from their featured roles to represent the group. "No," she said, "that wouldn't be fair to the others." A number of local business and community leaders did get invitations. It wouldn't be fair to make that group compete with thousands of ordinary folks in the random drawings for free tickets. Less than 10 percent would have gotten seats. Some got extra tickets to quietly pass on to friends and associates.Outside the theater a few were heard joking that they never even watch the tv show and here they are getting in to see the big movie premiere. Meanwhile, many dedicated Simpsons fans who traveled long distances for a chance to win tickets got left out. It would have been nice if one of the community leaders who spoke in the public ceremony had taken a moment to acknowledge and thank us for our contribution. But ignoring us wasn't hard for them. Any talk of the video itself could be focused on the two stars, outside professionals from northern Vermont. Keep us off the yellow carpet and swept under the rug.Quite a few out-of-towners who never did any volunteer work for our community won the honor of free seats at the big premiere while most of us in the winning video who gave up to four hours of our time to complete it would have to wait a week and pay to see the film. That's just not right.The chairman of the Governor's Travel and Recreation Council says the heavy media attention Springfield has received and will continue to receive could bring in $3 million dollars in "tourism residuals" over the long term. Wasn't our part in all this worth 200 seats at the premiere, especially with 20th Century Fox making available all 600 plus tickets for free? A special thanks to all who viewed and voted for our video on the USA Today website. It seems we were better appreciated on the internet so I have created a website of our own. Please visit http://vtvid.110mb.com

  6. Yes, it was insane. I'm here in NH at this point (thank goodness, nt because I disliked VT but my job was in NH…and I like being 4 min for on call days)
    I was soooo upset when I read that the tickets were being held for "others" One of the Docs wives won 4 tix, she wrote Fox an amusing letter about how she and her family are original descendants of Jeddiah Simpson, but really…if you guys did the film work up front, its nuts that they didn't invite you.
    After all that, I never did go see the film.

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