A Walk About Claremont NH

Today I moved my belongings into my new apartment….and I'll say the floors being redone gave the apartment at GORGEOUS appearance.  I LOVE it.  I might even love it more than my house!  I was going to take photos. I decided to wait until the furniture arrives on Monday.  So instead of that, I decided to take walk along the Sugar River which runs through Claremont.

Unfortunately there is no direct walk way that allows one to stroll along the river.  However, I tried to capture the neighbourhoood and area. 



First we stopped at the visitors center.  Above is the view of the First Baptist Church and the beginning of one of the older testile mills…from across the river.

The River was of course the reason for the town years back, and many businesses dtarted due to the river, remain in business today…unfortunately, several of them do not.  


 I've been told by my co-workers that this county is now the poorest in the state and lags behind in education and employment as well.  Above is one of the now defunct mill buildsings with an old school trestle bridge. 


The river however does have a fair amount of rapids, and the quintessential small town Americana aspect, the New Hampshire fall foliage and the rapids bring in some tourism through out the year.


Still, walking through the town there is this air of years gone past, and grime of factories that seems to attach to everything….It's charming to visit, but it seems to cling to everything in a sort of hopless way. 


Along Factory street, you can see the Sugar River busily rushing over the rocks.  And the smokestack still labelled for Sullivan County…

At night the smokestack still smokes, and when it storms, there is quite a romantical look to it, unfortunately, I was unable to photograph that because my camera was indisposed…


Turning in the opposite direction, you find the local hardware store which has been spruced up, with s sing that says, "If we don't have it, you don't need it"  The do seem to have everything. (Sorry about the poor quality of the photo!)

Just off of the Hardware store, you can seen one of the paper manufacturers still in business, which makes me feel a little unsure of letting the pup swim in it, due to chemicals.


I've not seen any swimmers, but lots of kayakers…



Beyond the APC paper manufacturers, you can see up the street, shown here:


It seems to be a typical New Hampshire town.

Things that struck me as unusual, that are probably quite normal in this neck of the woods were:



This place:


The Polis American Citizens Club!!!  I've never lived anywhere where there were nough Polish Americans to create a Club.  Make me wonder what they do….Polka?

I did once go to a Polish Dinner, so I imagine that there is some tasty cooking going on in that hall.

Across from the hall is another dilapidated facotry 1910 style building.  It is labelled as an apartment complex, but given the broken out windows, I hope that this is really not the case at this point in time!!!




Beyond this, across the river, is the spire of yet another Church, I think it may be the Methodist Church, but I'm unsure…



Claremont has one Catholic Church, and Walking up the street you pas sit as well as the Yard Madonna…


in the Priest's home.  I saw several other yard Madonnas in Claremont, but was unable to photo them as there were a lot of people in the yard.  I have a fascination with Religious Yard statuettes, so I am going to try to photograph all of the Claremont ones over the summer.

Moving along the same street past the Church, we come across the local Altheletic Park.



This is "Cardinal Territory" and actually, I've noticed most New Hampshirites are HUUUGE Baseball fans, most cheering for the Red Sox.  SO, I imagine this small park gets filled up for local games.


This fire hydrant photo I add just because I have No idea what the red and white wire coming from the hydrant is for!  They are on all the hydrants, so there must be a reason.  Can someone enlighten me??

Well, that was my stroll through the community today.  It's a little limited, as I avoided the downtown proper, Senator McCain is here and creating a lot of hoopla!

I hope you enjoyed going on this little walk with me!

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8 thoughts on “A Walk About Claremont NH

  1. Snow. The wires on the fire hydrants are so they can find them in the snow. That's how deep the snow regularly is expected to get. Are they all bent? (I don't think they're supposed to be bent.)

  2. HOLY COW! tO FIND THEM IN SNOW…..OK, Thats just insane….a lot of snow.
    No they aren't all bent.
    Was looking at August….will look for Sept.
    Heavens, lots of snow. Well, I learned something today.

  3. Holly, this is one of my favorite posts from you ever! It rivals the African posts! I love this little town and am so jealous of you right now! I just came from the Smoky Mountains in Tennessee and the North Carolina areas and it reminds me so much of your pictures! I love the rapids going through the little town and the small town "feel" of these pics! I don't know which one I liked the best:)
    You would love to visit our families homes in the ozark area of Missouri if you like the religious statues. I was born into a French Catholic family and some of our family settled into a town called Old Mines. They used to TOTALLY speak french. Nobody spoke a word of english so if you didn't know french, you were out of luck. Anyway, I grew up with my Grandparents and some of my aunts and uncles having these Virgin Mary's and the Sacred heart (which is Jesus who has a heart with a crown of thorns around it). I'll have to try and send you some pics:)
    Thanks again for the awesome post!

  4. This is a great looking place – it will be even prettier in the autumn as the leaves turn colour. Also, thanks to Little Terry, we can now all be smug if anyone ever mentions those long wires on the hydrants!

  5. I'm going to get to be known as the lady with the dog and the Camera, but I really think the town is cute. I haven't even shown the historic architecture yet!

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