Pillsbury State Park, NH

Wowee, firstly let me say I really missed the internet terribly. During my timeaway I managed to read 14 books, and visit some State parks which I can share with you all.  But I'mso so glad to be back.  It seemed for a while that I was living in a paralell universe.

But I Digress…

A few weeks ago Teulu and I went to Pillsbury State Park.  Initially I was slightly annoyed because I had to actually pay 3.00 to take a walk in the state park, but the park was really well maintained and so I felt it was justified.

The first thing we did was visit one of the many ponds.

The Pond itself is very nice and home to a family of Loons that I would have really liked to photograph


Pillsbury and mt cardigan july 2007 022Pillsbury and mt cardigan july 2007 019

Unfortunately, Teulu had some different idea about this area, and soon the loons left….


This was probably the highlight of his day.  He actually swam for about one hour straight…I could not get him to come out of the water, which he enjoyed a great deal….



So, I let him swim, as I had little choice! 

Eventually, by tossing a stone up and down encouragingly he eventually succummbed to curiousity and rushed out.

I got him on the leash and took him along so we could actually go for our little hike.


I decided that Teulu might be a bit tired after all his swimming, so I chose the Balance Rock Trail, with the idea that the "rock" at the top would lead to a nice view….

Here's Teulu at the start…

The trail was nicely kept up, and marked well with the Orange Blazes.


And there's been plenty of rain, so everything was green and lush.  Unfortunately the Black Flies were out in force, causing me to spend a lot of the walk waving one hand or the other in the air.  And teulu to snap unsuccessfully at the pests!

Here he is in action!!

In general we had a great walk up, and up and up.  In general so far my experiences hiking in New Hampshire involve going up….and then down!





The trail itself got a bit rockier as we went up. I had high hopes to see Moose, but all I saw was some Moose Poo- tipping me off that these Moosies do exist here…and an orange salamander, which I photographed but it didn'tcome out well….

Pillsbury and mt cardigan july 2007 051
Pillsbury and mt cardigan july 2007 050
Pillsbury and mt cardigan july 2007 052



We did eventually run right into Balance Rock…..

Note exactly what I expected!!!!!!!

So, Essentially instead of a Mountain view, I find that Balance rock really is just a huge rock that appears to be balanced….

On the way back down I made sure to climb up on a different regularly balanced rock to attempt to get a view of the same lake that Teulu had swam in .

I had a little success… the shiny white area in the middle of the photo is the lake….

but the trees never cleared so I could never get a super good view. 

On the way back down, down down, I had a bit of trouble with Teulu wanting to charge down at 9 billion miles an hour.

The trail at the top is pretty rocky so I was always a bit afraid that he was going to accidently pull me down!


I did manage to get a few other photos of things that interest me….primarily FUNGI….


All in all, it was  great hike.  Teulu was exhausted for several hours afterwards.  I highly recommend this park, and as I didn't get to go on all the trails, I may be going back!

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5 thoughts on “Pillsbury State Park, NH

  1. Yay! You're back! I've been missing you!
    You take such beautiful pictures. Being away from the internet isn't ALL bad. Sounds like you got to do some living and see some awesome places! Glad to see Telulu is doing so well too:)
    Keep those pictures and letters coming! lol

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