Mount Cardigan, NH

After the disappointment of Balance Rock, I decided to head out again to Cardigan State Park.  The web page promised an unencumbered view into Vermont, so, I figured it would be a nice hike….Upwards of course.

Teulu was of course up for this….so off we went.  I did not encounter any of the sweaters on the way, in case folks are wondering.

This is a popular popular trail.  On the way up, I was subjected to some really unpleasant family behavior, with a family of four trying to hike up, and the Father of all people, complaining loudly about getting sweaty and tired….granted he ws garrying a soft sided picnic cooler which wasn't really appropriate for this type of hike, short as it was…it was ALL uphill.

So while I am not a parent here are some tips:

Give everyone a backpack and have the all carry part of the load.  Use a backpack, not a cooler thing.  Research things like elevation before you go. and agree ahead of time what you are going to do.  The family started to argue so much I left the trail for about 30 minutes to get away from that!

The trail was well blazed and easy to follow, but it was very rocky and essentially uphill, so it was somewhat challenging. 

Pillsbury and mt cardigan july 2007 063Pillsbury and mt cardigan july 2007 064Pillsbury and mt cardigan july 2007 072Pillsbury and mt cardigan july 2007 070

I really enjoyed the trail.  Midway up there was an area of tiny waterfalls and small pools which of course delighted the dog!


He went digging through the pools in an attempt to find rocks, of course.

I on the other hand looked intently at the waterfalls…












So we were having a pretty good time. overall.  I find its a little hard to photograph the beautiful trickle of water that was coming through the rocks here, but I tried!








As we continued to hike up up up, we came across a very well constructed bridge. Teulu stopped to pose for a cameo, looking quite excited and happy (as always, I suppose!)





After the bridge the terrain changed rather abruptly from heavily forested area to huge slabs of rock, I realized I was getting pretty close to the top. 

Teuleu started to have to hop up on the rocks and scramble a bit to get up.But of course, a little bit of scrambling never really stopped him.

I actually had an intense

realization as we climbed up to Mt Cardigan.  I'm still afraid of heights!  Years ago when rock climbing i developed a fear of standing near edges of rocks.  I would freeze, and become entirely immobile, all the time imagining one wrong step and I would slip right down a rock slope into a river canyon.  I never had a fear of climbing, just of walking on the slippery cliffs.  I had not thought about it in ages.  But when I got near the top of Mt Cardigan, it rather kicked back in.

The view was nice despite my fear!



Using the ZOOM, I found I could zoom over to the lake far in the distance.


More views.

At the top, I ran into a young park ranger who was very cheerful, and friendly.  She was out hiking along  I suppose to evaluate the trail.  She admired Teulu and told me she thought he was huge, which I think is not quite true.  But he really enjoyed the attention.  I thought it was great the the park employee was so friendly and interactive.

After dealing with my fear of the height, I decided it was time for us to be heading back down…


Past the nice waterfalls.


And down down down! 


It was a great day to be out, I did wish there had been less people, but, at the same time, I thought it was great that there were people out enjoying the nature and getting exercise.

And it was surely exersise.  Both of us came home and had a long long nap!







One More View:


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8 thoughts on “Mount Cardigan, NH

  1. I'm so glad you are posting about you and Teulu's adventureous hiking. I'm vicariously enjoying it immensely. 🙂 Great pics. Keep 'em comin'.

  2. This is so cool! It's like I'm going on vacation through you! lol I loved your pics too. You must either really know what you're doing or you have an awesome camera! lol

  3. Its a fairly old Canon Supershot, but it has a large zoom, in exchange for a small amount of pixels….Personally, I think its the subject matter, making it easy to get a good photo. (of course you should see the ones I throw away!

  4. It is different. The trees are totally different and the rocky trails are also not really like NC.
    Teulu seems to be doing pretty well. He had some problems adjusting to the actual apartment, and for a few days I'd find a puddle on the floor…but this luckily has stopped and he's finally stopped wanting to sleep in the bed with me, which is generally a big no no, but I let him do it at the hotel, and then it continued, but…now he's back to normal….busy busy busy!

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