Pack Monadnok

This hike was truely a disaster.  I went to Miller State Park in Peterboroguh NH.

It was raining when I started, but I figured it would either lighten up, stop or I would drive out of the rain area.  I forgot that New Hampshire isn't exactly the largest state, so the weather is generally the same all over.

So, When we got there, I was waiting to pay a fee, and couldn't find any attendant or envelopes to pay, so I drove into the park, unfortunately, I didn't realize the trail started in the parking lot.  So I ended up driving up the mountain instead of walking up it, which is not really what I wanted. But well, mistakes happen.  I figured I'd walk down and up which is what we did.

So I ended up hiking down Pack Monadnok.  A monadnok is a mountain that resisted erosion to form, rather than forming from tetonic plate shifting or volcanic activity.  NH has the "first" Monadnok, and Pack Monadnok stands just 12 miles away researchers theorize that Pack meant little in the Native American language at the time.

The environment here really always reminds me of James Fenimore Cooper's Leatherstocking tales and such.  I find I can imagine Native Americans stealthily walking through the woods there. 

At any rate, Pack Monadnok is supposed to have a great view into Boston, but I'll admit I never saw anything but Fog.

Heres the photos…

As is the case here in New Hampshire, it was a rocky situation.  And a wet wet wet one.

We went down the mountain for a time.  Teulu enjoyed it but after a while he actually began to appear to be a bit cold.  I had my t shirt sticking to me and wasn't enjoying it too much either so, we went on for about 30 more minutes and turned around and climbed back up to the top.  Luckily I had a spare shirt in my car, and was able to get dry…

I really struggled to get some good photos from this experience.  Everything was so wet and foggy.










We still had a pretty nice walk/hike, but the photography sufferred….


At any rate, I'm gonna have to go back there on a decent day….if we get one….

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