Let’s walk about Claremont….


We are blissfully having a cold front move in.  It's comfortable again, the air feels fresh and clean.  Of course, immediately I wanted to use this opportunity for good sleep.  The dog, ont he other hand decided it was time for a lot of activity….He started by waking me up at 2am, so I took him out….then again at 5:40…I tried shutting him out of the room but he just kept making so much noise, so I walked him and fed him and fed myself some coffee and decided it was time to go out and make some Photos of the locale. 

Claremont is really a town of the late 1800's/early 1900's.  It has the nutty roundy-round traffic circle, a bandstand, and many many interesting older buildings. 


We start by going by the defunct Movie theatre.  It's actually charming, except for the fact that it now houses a military surplus store called "The War Room". It still has the marquee out front.  What really makes it intersting is the Grecian appearing figures at the top of the building…

I think it is unfortunate that this theatre isn't used for films, as it is so pretty.

I'd be interested to see if the inside still has the seats and the set up to show films.




If I get a chance to ask someone "In The Know", I will.

After we pass this area we head down the street.  it's dotted with attempts to revitalize the downtown….these attempts are always well thought out, but never seem to be as successful as they promise to be on paper.  All along the street, there is evidence of a bustling small city before malls. 


I keep imagining Holiday scenes with "Silver Bells" playing away in the background.  After walking down pleasant street, we went along to the small park which serves as a memorial for a variety of war dead…





As a Southerner I was surprised and struck by the biggest tribute relating not to WWII, but the American Civil War…. It took me a few minutes to realize  that this monument actually referred to the Civil War and not some local "Rebellion". It seems that more soldiers from Claremont served in the Civil War, er, rebellion




than served during WWI and WWII.  At any rate the Stature is quite nice, especially when "framed" in with the Opera House in the background.


Sometimes I feel like the town is too "cute".

Here's Teulu taking a break by the Canon. He is constantly fascinated and frustrated by the fused canon balls.



Beyond the Monument park…is the Opera house.  It's actually still somewhat in operation with Children's theatre.

The Architectural features of the Opera house are interesting and the building has been well preserved.









Mt AscutneyClaremont Aug 2007 038
Mt AscutneyClaremont Aug 2007 024






Moving on from the Opera house, we come to the Moody Building, which was apparently the Business center of the town for many years.  It now houses the Chamber of Commerce and a few other businesses.


the Turret to the left is lit at night and is something interesting to see when I am driving home from work…





SO here is a close up of the Turret with the mountain in the background….




Going beyond We come to an older Synagouge, which was been replaced by a newer facility down the road.


But the older one is really beautiful. 













Going on along, I came across the Elk's Club.  It's an older building…and I can tell that it's a very esteemed establishment here in Claremont.


Mt AscutneyClaremont Aug 2007 045Mt AscutneyClaremont Aug 2007 044Mt AscutneyClaremont Aug 2007 046

With a stained glass window stating the year of inception, the actual stone elk in the front, as well as the traditional Elk….

Well.  That was my Walk through Claremont today.  I hope you enjoyed seeing some of the sights!

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8 thoughts on “Let’s walk about Claremont….

  1. Thanks for sharing these pics! The Rebellion…LOL!…I lived in New Hampshire and Maine when I was a kid and I don't remember The Civil War being referred to as The Rebellion. But, then again the only time it ever came up was in history class in school. It wasn't something that was just generally known about like it is down here in the South.

  2. NYC this is not a good life…you hav to get control over your cats!!! Once I figure out how to control the pup, I'll let you know. He'sbeen particularly evil today.

  3. Ah yes if only cats were 'easier' – nocturnal beasts that they are, getting up at 2 and 4:20 (on the dot, not a minute different either way, every night) is the norm for me too. But at least they don't make me go outside LOL
    Looove the photos. Really pretty.

  4. @Maya: getting up at 2 and 4:20 (on the dot, not a minute different either way, every night) is the norm for me too.
    Do you end up staying up, or going back to bed? I stay up.

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