Continuing computer woes

Well, I have ordered a new computer, it will be a nice one, I can tell.  I went a little nuts and also decided to get a printer/fax combo because I do tend to fax a lot of documents when arranging a new contract.

So I am pretty excited about that.  Unfortunately, it’s back to school time, so I will be recieving my little gem oh, sometime in September.

Many thanks to DovieGrace at DELL who assisted me with my order.  Her accent was thick, but she was able to assist me with what I needed, and was polite enough to not push more than one time to get me to order all the bells and whistles that I could have but didn’t want to. I still want to go back to Mac, but the cost is prohibitive, still….so, oh well, I love the mac, but…I love saving money too.

I can use the net before work, and after work, but I can’t really dowload photos or such into my blog, so I’ll be dropping in from time to time, but not nearly as much.

I will say, my apartment is now sparkling clean, and all the laundry done immediately, since I didn’t have time to foll about playing Babble!!!

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