So, I’m now suddenly in the interesting and amusing Dilemma of being between a rock and a hard place.

I have six weeks left in NH.  I’ve been submitted to three hospitals in Colorado, all of which look to be interesting places to go and explore.  Today I was asked if I might “Extend” my NH contract for 6 more weeks.  Tempting….

This contract is actually quite good. I enjoy the job, and for the most part, my co-workers.  They do nice things for me like bring me fresh eggs and garden produce.  Extending for Six weeks woul allow me a week off at Thanksgiving time, which is a rarity in itself and would make my family happy. My pay would also increase ever so slightly as they would factor in about a 400.00 bonus in over the six weeks.

I won’t be offerred a contract in Colorado for a few more weeks based on the way things usually go…(The Hospitals post a need and they want it filled, like yesterday, they don’t plan six weeks out.)  So, I’m stuck.  I may not get any of the three contracts in Colorado.  New contracts may or may not come up.

The Cons of staying are that I have new downstairs neighbours.  The Man I recognize because I have treated some of his ailments in the ER here (Yeeech not very nice ailments as it goes), the Woman is crude and I hear her swearing all the time….plus they smoke and the smoke drifts up into my top part of the house. (Yuck).  Plus I have learned that I am not too fond of ten hour shifts.

But to be honest I can not decide.  I’m always looking to hedge my bets.  What I’d really like is to be offerred one or more Colorado Contracts and be offerred to extend at the same time, so I could just choose like a princess, but….

Well…..I’m working night shift tonight, and thinking on it a bit, but for the moment I think I’ll let it sit and see what bubbles up….

and hope that my new computer arrives….SOON, so I can upload some photos to make the Blog more interesting.


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9 thoughts on “Dilemma!!

  1. That is tough. I was all set to say stay! but those new neighbors are the stopping point for me. Yuck. Could you take them 6 more weeks?

  2. In dealing with the neighbors just remember in six weeks NH will be cold…and there won't be any opening the windows to help blow the smoke out. Heat rises, so the smoke really will be invading your space. Unless you start building a fire in your fireplace (assuming you have one) then the two different types of smokey smell will combine.
    Thanksgiving with the family would be nice, though.

  3. Good luck with your decsion. Hopefully as you wait a little bit to see how things pan out you'll get more info and your choice will be a lot easier for you.

  4. How long are you planning to work these contracts before returning home long term? If you're looking at a few years of contracting, then I'd extend in NH to better feel like you lived there rather than visited. If you plan on contracting for a year or less, I'd not extend in order to have more time to try out different locations.Personally, I'd go to Colorado – New England may be charming but the Rockies are amazing.Either way, good luck figuring things out! Any more adventures with Teulu?

  5. That Is good advice about the smoke! I decided to move on, about say 6 hours after I posted it, so I guess that helped!
    Teulu and I have been having adventures, but I can't post any photos until my actual computer arrives, so Blah blah Blog for a while!

  6. Colorado it is! I have an opportuinty to go to Frisco Colorado which I think you'll agree looks like an amazing little town (ANyone want to come visit and Ski??)
    But also Submitted to Durango and Cortez which are near all the Anazasi sites, so as long as they don't get filled before I am ready to leave, it's going to be great. So far, no interviews.
    In addition, I can train in the high altitude!!!
    I may be doing Contract work for years to come…the money is so good, and the work is not as stressful as my former job…but I'm not planning too far in advance…

  7. Go for Colorado! As a transplanted Coloradan, I miss it and there is so much beauty and opportunity there. Just remember, Frisco continually competes for the coldest spot in the lower 48 states. It will probably be colder than NH.Good Luck!

  8. Oh, please, no mention of the cold. I suppose I ought to invest in an actual winter coat.
    The other options, Durango and Cortez are probably less cold.
    Still no interview yet, so we will see. I have a funny feeling that the option is going to be somewhere completely different like Rifle….
    We'll see.
    I will not go to Grand Junction, just not my type of place.
    Ooooh, no….I am not too fond of cold.

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