Odds and Ends

Little odds and ends here….

My Dad sent me an email…. The first one ever that he sent.  It was very  nice and exciting.  He is one of those slow to adopt technology people, and this is the first year that he has had to do it, so I am going to send him a very nice reply.

My running is slowly improving.  Running with the dog is a chore still because he distracts me sometimes and also slows me down a bit…but it is good for him… My time for the mile are almost back to what they were before.  Now I am just adding distance.  It's a little scary in the morning when I am running with the headlamp as it only lights a small portion of the situation….We have twice now met a very unpleasant Skunk.  The first time we almost got sprayed because I thought it was a cat….the second time I was wiser.  Luckily Sknuks are shy creatures and all we do is cross the street and pepe le peu slips off into the shadows..

New eating plan….I started back using Nutridiary on line as it helps me to be more honest about what it is I am consuming.  I have lost about half a pound.  When I lose five, I can read a novel I am saving for that moment.  I hate losing weight.  It's much much easier to keep it off than to try to lose it….(note to self here regarding this…)

Still no contract.  I'm feeling grumpy about pay rates and thinking about switching to a different company, expect that switching requires gathering a TON of paperwork (usually about 100 pages) and I don't want to make that effort.  Yet.

My friends sister is moving into my house for 13 weeks.  I hope it will be OK.  I always get nervous when I do this, I keep thinking she is going to change the locks, or something strange.  She's a nurse working a contract at Duke, so I imagine she is just going to live in it. 

The dog is amazing me.  He got walked and ran for approx 6 miles today, and he still was rather a pain, constantly demanding attention, and seemingly unable to calm down.  I think it's the big weather change, it's cooler, so he is happier.  He's an energetic beast. 

I saw a huge paying contract in Portsmouth NH, so I am tempted….still wherever I go it will be white at the Holiday time, a new experience for me.  I want to learn to Snowshoe, or rather to go snow shoeing. 

I like my new computer.  This is a big plus.  I never ever liked my Toshiba, but the dell seems to be working out fine.  It's actually a little heavy for a laptop, but not bad. 

I have been flip flopping shifts lately at work due to call outs and a ton of people on funeral leave (this is what happens when you employ basically an entire family in one department….).  I am a little tired of the flipping and I want to go back to normal shifts.  BUt I do hope they will give me Overtime pay this week rather than cut my hours on Friday.


Ok, well, this was more of an entry for myself to gather my head together.  but well thats whats up.

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5 thoughts on “Odds and Ends

  1. When we lived in NH my brother went to high school at Portsmouth High! I went to a teeny tiny elementary school that combined grades in order to reduce the number of teachers needed. Five teachers and seven grades…K, 1-3, and 4-6. My second grade class had eight girls and one boy in it.
    If you do get into that part of the state you need to look up Newick's seafood restaraunt in Dover. They are right on the bay and the seafood is so delicious! http://www.newicks.com

  2. Just got back from Seattle area today. Had a great time and am sore today. I ran/walked 4 miles with a friend around Lake Sammanish at sunrise yesterday. Very inspiring. I want to keep it up!!!
    Good job on getting the time back on the mile and increasing distance little by little.

  3. Good luck with your contract decisions! I enjoy reading about your and Teulu's adventures, even if he's a bit of a pain at times. When I take one of my dogs running it's not so bad (they've really mellowed out after turning 3 years old) but when I take both together they're almost unmanageable. How do you like running in the dark? I actually enjoy it from time to time, even with the weak headlamp. It's such a different, cozy atmosphere and it's so quiet compared to daytime running.

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