Possible new Job…New Agency…

So, after sorting through that mess of postings, I found one company that has essentially all the Government contracts for the Four Corners Indian Hospitals on the Reservations.  Now, it might be more politically correct to say Native American Hospitals, but they are termed Indian Hospitals and run by the Indian Health Service, sooo, I'm sticking with the terminology in use.

I called the recruiter this morning.  He seemed nice, and of course interested in placing me in a position.  He tried out several hospitals on me and I said sure…seems the government is trying to tie up all their fiscal hiring in October, so they are wanting to hire as far out as April 2008. 

Later today he called and asked if I would consider working on the Hopi indian Reservation at a very small hospital.

The Hopi are known as the Peaceful people, and apparently strive to be peaceful in all ways.  The Reservation lies wierdly within the Navajo reservation…


It's  hard to see on the map, but the big purple area in the upper right hand corner is the Navajo or Dine area, and the pink line in the midst of the blob is the Hopi Reservation.

The hospital is a very small one, and looks like it could be fun to work in.  My Mother would even like to come and visit to take some photographs for sure…


Here's the non-descript hospital.   Now, all I have to do is wait for the manager to call and tell the old company their pay rate is too low….

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5 thoughts on “Possible new Job…New Agency…

  1. Wow! That looks so exciting! You're really living your life, girl! I mean you've done sooooo much traveling in your young life. Going west will be quite a change for you, won't it?

  2. That's so cool! I grew up going to Indian Hospitals because I was raised in Oklahoma in the capital of the Cherokee nation. I was perplexed when we moved to Texas and found they didn't have Indian Hospitals here. LOL. Good luck sweetie! Sounds like a great opportunity…

  3. Thanks…SO far the first one didn't pan out, they wanted someone on October 1, and I can not start until October 15….
    but There's several more in the works….Just waiting and waiting.

  4. It's a litte bit, but really it's not too bad. It's the same thing every 3 months, finagleing all the benefits, travel monies, housing, dog….I might take a 6 mos contract….but then again I might feel trapped, I put the screws on recruiter #2 today and told him I wanted to wrap it up by friday….

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