Best Wishes to Kevin Everett

I'm not a big football fan, but when pushed, I am a fan of the Buffalo Bills. 



 This morning I listened to News of Kevin Everett, who went down with a severe Cervical Spine Injury.  It seems He is still in very critical condition on a ventilator (I adore that news people still write respirator in articles!) at a NY hospital.  This article from ESPN does a good job in a side bar of explaining how such a brutal injury could have occurred during a regular tackle in a game.  Because Kevin's head has down, instead of up, he experienced a severe axial loading injury, increasing the force applied to his cervical spine (or neck) incredibly. 

Having cared for several people with this type of injury, I can say that things for this young man are serious.  Currently there will be too much post surgical swelling to tell much, but I hope the outcome surprises us all.

My Best WIshes to Kevin Everett.

I hope his recovery exceeds all expectations. 



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2 thoughts on “Best Wishes to Kevin Everett

  1. Hopefully his recovery goes better than expected. This reminds me of Mike Utley (by default I'm a Lions fan); in Utley's case if I remember correctly it was also due to the angle at which his facemask hit the turf as he fell forward on a block that caused the injury.

  2. It was the same injury! Luckily for Everette, the team doc tried this Hypotermia technique on him and it seems to have worked. he has voluntary movement. I am unsure if he will remain a football player, but he's going to lead a much better life than anticipated. Yay….
    My favorite thing from this all was reading an article this morning that stated that he recieved ice cold saline through a venous catheter, but that it was not mixed with his bloodstream….oops for that reporter. this is impossible! I wish I could find the link.

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