I’m the last to know….always!

So…. ta dah.  I am sick.  I have a cold…. Been sneezing since about 3 pm.  Non-stop.  Sniffling, running for tissues…



I should have realized it.   This part week, I have been having trouble keeping up at work.  I have been more crabby than usual and snappy at co-workers.  I've had some unusual sleep patterns which I blamed on my unusual shifts. I've been not hungry and hungry at all the wrong times.  Today I went to go running with the doggie and I went about Oh say…. 0.15 miles…. I was huffing and puffing away.  So I stopped.  We walked and I decided I was just tired. 

So n ow, it's finally hit me, I am sick… It;s a cold, so it should pass in about a week, but I sure do hope it will be short lived….since I don't get sick days, I need to be ready to go!!!  It's always such a surprise to me, I need to pay more attention to the signs…

shuffles off in fuzzy pink bunny slippers, sniffling away….  

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5 thoughts on “I’m the last to know….always!

  1. Girl I hope you feel better soon:) If we lived closer, I'd send you over some of my famous chicken and rice soup.
    You know, my surgeon was sneezing and coughing in my hospital room! I couldn't believe he came into my room that way. There must be something going around all over the US.

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