New contract

So I interviewed today and it looks as if the whole thing is going to be sewn up. 

I'll be in Kayenta AZ for 13 weeks As some sort of wierdly contracted employee of the Navajo Nation, and the US Government. 


It was a bit of an unusual interview, they had me on speaker phone, and I couldn't hear very well so I am sure I sounded somewhat confused the entire time.  Mostly they stressed the rurality of the locale and weather conditions.  I am surprised to learn that  because we are the only facility for 75 miles, we see a lot of delivery of babies in the ED….this is not something I am used to!!! 


So, this will take some getting used to.  I am going to see if I can not spend some time upstairs at the current hospital I am at to re-learn some stuff from school.  It has been ages since I delivered an infant. 


Kayenta is a free Standing Emergency Department, which is really different than anywhere I've worked.  All patients will have to be transferred out or treated and released. 

I'm starting to get very nervous.  There is going to be a ton of new Governmental paperwork, and an entirely different culture to learn and to try to fit into, which I am unsure about.

but I'm also excited….Kayenta is just South of Monument Valley the place where all the John Wayne Films were filmed… So, I'll have all sorts of things to do on my days off.  I keep thinking it would be really cool to  do a run in Monument Valley, of course I need to increase my

mileage so I can do that in a  meaningful way.

At any rate, I have  lot to do.

My next adventure is set….

Now to kick the cold to the curb….

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5 thoughts on “New contract

  1. OHHhhhhh…..that sounds like a ton of fun!!! What type of climate were they saying they have that they felt the need to warn you about? Isn't it pretty much desert and warm-hot?
    Delivering babies….whoa…I think it would be awesome to be in the room when a baby was delivered. As long as it was a fairly easy delivery and the baby was healthy. Because of my history, I'm not too sure I could handle a 'sick' baby delivery. BUT, you never know what you can handle until you have to handle it.
    Have fun, good luck! and Yay!! the next chapter in your vagabond life begins. LOL!!
    <<<<get well>>>>>

  2. Congrats sweetie! Sounds like if nothing else it will be interesting πŸ˜‰ Feel better soon. I'm just finishing a 2 week cold/sinus thing and wouldn't wish it on anyone…

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