You Can’t Always Get what you want….

In the last week, this Rolling Stones song has been going through my head.  My contract at Kayenta fell through for a variety of reasons.  Essentially after talking about I heard through the travelers grapevine that certain very unsafe things have happened to travelers.  I had had a bit of a wierd feeling about the enitre thing and hearing these things was the icing on the cake.  I decided to reneg on the contract.  This caused a flurry of phone calls from Indian Health to reassure me that there was good lighting and security at the hospital, and that no incidents had occurred for four years, but I still just had a bad bad feeling about it, so I passed.

So, I am again contractless.  I've actually relaxed and decided just to go where the big money can be found.  I have a ton of requirements, so it tends to make things difficult.  It looks as if I can go to South Carolina, which climate-wise, would be very very pleasant.  We will see,  I'm getting pretty tired of haggling with the 4 billion companies that want a piece of me. 


At this point I am feeling just very tired.  I had pretty much decided to go with Cirrus   but then the recruiter they gave me told me she would call me back in 30 minutes, and failed to do this.  I then attempted to reach her for most of the day.  So, I am not entirely sure they are the agency for me.  I may stick with the other company that offerred me the IHS contract, depending on the cash involved.  Arrrrrugh.

At any rate, I am almost recovered from the terrific cold I had.  I really was miserable, and I am sure that affected my thinking when I initially accepted the Kayenta Contract.   

Three more weeks here, and I'm hoping to go South, it's getting mighty chilly here in NH!   

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6 thoughts on “You Can’t Always Get what you want….

  1. I'm sorry that that opportunity didn't work out. It seems that your skills are very portable, though, and that something equally attractive will appear shortly. Good luck!

  2. well, I hadn't signed anything or I would have been stuck, but it finally dawned on me that the West will be there in a few months, so I might as well just go where I can for the moment….

  3. Thanks. I think everything will come out in the wash, but it is exhausting to do this every three months. I'm going to see about a 16-26 weeker next time around….

  4. Wow, yes, its a lot like an adjunct. But they have it a lot harder, there's competition…I have a wee bit of competition, but really there aren't enough of me to go round I would hate to actually have to compete….

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