Well, it's Autumn in New Hampshire.  Today it is unseasonably hot, but I have already had to wear long underwear, and hats and gloves a few times. Because we have had a very dry summer, the leaves are popping out a bit earlier than normal and according to this article  the dry summer should contribute to a spectacular display of foliage.

So far, in Claremont we have had only small changes but they have been pretty brilliant.  I attempted to capture them on a walk today.  Its amazing the variety of colors that present….Of course, i took the obligatory photos of Teulu as well….

Sullivan County NH 167
Sullivan County NH 168
Sullivan County NH 169


As you can see the leaves are just starting to show amidst the green.  They really are brilliant.  but I wonder if the first ones aren't going to drop quickly, leaving us with bare patches, which won't create the views that people rush to New England for. 

At any rate. they are very pretty.  Since there are no enormous vistas to show yet, I did a few close-ups…


I like the variegation

of the green and orange.  It might not be the most brilliant, but it is interesting to me.









This leaf struck me because in reality, un-digitized, it's color was almost pinkish, so the mild pink tones really stood out from all the oranges and reds. 

While walking I also found this interesting print…


I decicded it was probably from one of three animals; racoon, opossum, or skunk, since I see skunks all the time in my morning walks, usually 2 a walk daily. 


Teulu is enjoying the Autumn Weather, and his hair is growing back too, so he almost represents his breed again!


One more Parting shot of the Leaves:


And one more of Teulu…panting away after his long walk today…


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