Lets talk about Running

Oh I haven't been blogging about running, mostly because I didn't have much to talk about. I ran the 4 miler ont he fourth of July and since then I have been slacking off incredibly.  I had a hard time when I moved, and I now realize that since I will be traveling every three months it's going to be important to put myself on a more strict schedule especially during move weeks.  If I was moving say once a year it would be less of a big deal. 

Because I am not living in a place with a backyard,  exersise for the dog is imperative….

SO I have been taking him along running with mixed results.  He likes to run and easily adjusts to my speed.  He has finally pretty much stopped the stopping stock still and allowing me to run into him.  He distracts me because I have to pay attention to him as well as all the other running stuff that one pays attention to (stride, footfall, breathing…obstacles in the road.)  On the other hand, he sometimes veers dramatically and rapidly off course to pick up a rock, which is very annoying and if I am not paying attention I run the risk of being pulled down.

Despite my poor showing for the past 3 months with running, I had an amazing day today.  I decided the cold/flu or whatever has really run its course so I was going to run.  I took teulu down the RR tracks, which has an advantage of being essentially flat (To be fair I did start the run on a significant hill as I always do, but I figured flat for recovery wouldn't be too bad.) and it is soft.  In some places the sand on the sides of the track was not packed well and I was bogged down, but overall it was a good run.


  About 1.5 miles into it I had an amazing discovery!  My left leg did not hurt for the entire run!!!!!!!!!!!!  I was having a difficult time with breathing since I had been sick so i didn't note it right away.  My left leg has hurt since about May 2006, sooooooo this was waaaay cool.  I have been running with the pain primarily because the last MRI showed that my stress fracture was healed and showed no other damage.  I think it was not the achilles, but some other minor tendon.  About 5 years ago I got a severe case of tendonitis in my right leg and it did take about 6 months of not running at all to heal it…


So, here's hoping I don't get the pain back with a vengance. I feel the slightest twinge, a few hours later, but it isn't like it used to be. Perhaps giving up running for my cold helped my leg heal.  It's a strange sensation to be able to strike the ground without pain.

My big goal now is to get 5K ready again, and then do a few ten K's  I keep thinking about a Half Marathon and a full, but I am not training with proper intensity for either, soooooooo we'll see how the next few weeks come along, especially if I get a contract out west….the high altitude is going to just kick my tushie! 

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14 thoughts on “Lets talk about Running

  1. Great to see you're having some good runs. I've had a breakthrough the last 8 days and it just amazes me. I've got to be careful and not get too anxious though. 5Ks are a good race to run getting back into racing. I've run a couple of 5Ks this fall and that's all I'm going to do. Keep running. Good luck on your job search.

  2. Thanks! I feel a little silly since I had planned to be doing 10 milers, but I just didn't really train. I think by tomorro I'll know something about a contract. It's more a pain in the neck than a worry, it's good to be in an in demand profession!

  3. Woohoo! Pain-free running is so exhilarating.Are you still going to do the ToT 13K? It's a little under 5 weeks away! 🙂 I'm psyched. It was listed in the October Runner's World as one of their "races to do."

  4. Yes, the pain free stuff was so unexpected I could barely beleive it. My insticnt was to just stop because I was sure it was a mistake!
    No on the ToT….not going to Florida right now. I'm hoping to head out west and to do a bit of training in the high altitude. the ToT sure would be fun though…but no, I will not be going.

  5. No particular one. I actually wanted to do one in Arkansas in November to benefit an Orphanage in Kenya, but my training is such that I would be foolish to attempt. So thats on the back burner. I had pretty much given it all up, but it seems now to be a good idea again. See, my caveat about running a marathon is that I would have to finish with a time of 4:20 or better. So I can't just go at it willy nilly. I know it seems a little wierd, but the 6 hour marathon has little appeal. WHo wants to be essentially walking for 6 hours?

  6. I know it seems a little wierd, but the 6 hour marathon has little appeal. WHo wants to be essentially walking for 6 hours?
    As I'm sure you know, it comes down to what your goals are. In my case, it was simply to complete my first. Have you already done one?

  7. No Mary yet, but I just can't stand the idea of slogging it out for that long. I figure if I train properly the 4:20 is do-able, so I'm not going for it until then…probably late 2008, if things go as I plan….but lately things are so up in the air…

  8. probably late 2008, if things go as I plan
    I'd like to know if you decide to do this.
    As you've read elsewhere, completing the New York race was one of the most rewarding experiences of my life. I followed a six-month training program.

  9. If I actually accomplish this, even the serious training phase….I'll trumpet it about. I was very much on track when I broke those blasted fingers. Hopefully I can get back on track again….Unfortunatly, I think my eating of pizza yesterday wa snot in my favor!!!

  10. @katiebell: Unfortunatly, I think my eating of pizza yesterday wa snot in my favor!!!
    Aww, c'mon…that's easily justified as carbo loading in anticipation of the big race! 🙂

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