When it rains….

it pours.

So, I've been having some trouble with the contract business.  I really wasn't too terribly upset, but then this morning I realized in exactly 7 days I will be rather unemployed.  SO that kicked things up a notch.  I looked on the website for one of the companies I am using and found a new posting for coastal NC.  Not exactly high altitude, but in an area I know will be warm and pretty nice for the winter.  Called the recruiter, and she gave me the pay rate which wasn't too bad.  Sent my profile over to them.  About 20 minutes later one of the hosptials in Colorado called doing a Human Resources pre-screen on me.  That was about the strangest pre-screen ever…

HR lady: how many years have you had in the ED?

ME: 7, almost 8/

HRlady, so do you think it is a good fit for you?

Me: uh? well, it is what I have always done and yes, I suppose it is a good fit for me…  (me thinking all the time what the heck?  does she expect me to say No, its a terrible fit, but I hope you'll hire me anyway…)

HRlady: Oh well I guess you have been doign it for a while so you know….

Oh very strange.  The manager is supposed to call me back by Tuesday.

At 5pm my recruiter called to tell me that the NC hospital had accepted my profile and offerred me the contract with no interview.  This sounds good, but it doesn't give me a chance to ask questions…

WHen I got home I found I have been offerred a contract in Fort Defiance AZ for January. 

Soooo, I'm pretty well set for the moment and my rpofile is floating at 2 more hospitals as well at the moment.  Soooo, who knows. 

I need to nail down the pay rate a little more with the NC hospital, but I think the coast in winter is really fun (minus the bikinis….) but well, We'll see…

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3 thoughts on “When it rains….

  1. That was about the strangest pre-screen ever…
    I used to be surprised by horror stories about job hunting, but I now know they're quite common.
    I'm fascinated by how the process works in your field…and I'm glad new opportunities are coming your way!

  2. I hope you get things figured out soon. The frequent moves and uncertainty that you go through would totally drive me crazy. Although I guess I'd get used to it sooner or later.

  3. It's easier when you know it's going to happen. I don't hang pictures or stuff like that… you know. It appears I'm going to be in Coastal NC…They accepted me, b ut I need to accept them, and for me to sign a contract, I want to talk to the manager. She is supposed to call me on Monday.

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