Paying it Forward.

Yesterday I had to do my bi-annual recertification for Advanced Cardiac Life Support.  I had had some trouble finding a class and finally ended up driving 70 miles for one.  Luckily the colors are changing in New England so it was a pleasant drive. 

On the way down I found part of the road is a toll road and I had to pay 0.75 cents to drive on the road.  We do not really have toll roads in NC yet, so I am always a little surprised by them.  As I drove through I realized I could have participated in one of the easiest ways to give anonymously to a complete stranger!  I could have paid the toll for the car behind me. 

I went and took my class, which being given at a regional heart center was very serious.  Since I had not studied well when we came to the "Mega-code"  I was practically hyperventilating.  It was also a little disconcerting that this was a Catholic Hospital and there was a crucifix of dead Jesus right above my head the whole time.  I kept thinging, well, perhaps we should try the defibrillator on him.  (It was sort of life like). 

Anyway, I passed.  And went on my merry way home. 

Realizing that I was going to go through the toll booth, I dug around until I found 1.50.  I actually got very nervous waiting to pay the toll.  I wondered what the toll taker would say, or if they would allow it, or if she would say yes and then pocket the 0.75 cents….

When I got up to the booth, it was a really nice lady, and when I told her I had 1.50 and could I pay for the car behind me she smiled and said "Sure you can!"  I didn't really hang around, but I did see her waving her hand "no" at the man's money in the car behind me. 

I like giving this way.  I have no idea who was behind me.  He will never know who I am.  It wasn't  a big amount of cash that he had to feel guilty about it.  It was just a small way to hopefully brighten up someones day.   Of course as these things go, I know it brightened up mine.  I grinned all the way home just remembering seeing the toll taker waving the other guy through. 

Who would have though that 0.75 cents    

could make me that happy.  While I won't ever know, I hope it gave the stranger a small smile as well.

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5 thoughts on “Paying it Forward.

  1. What a great idea. We have tolls in Illinois (A lot of them!) and I have a toll pass so I'll have to find a way to do this but I'm sure there is something. Maybe pay for someone waiting in a movie line or pay someone's parking meter. Thanks for sharing.

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