What a whirlwind

I finished my contract in New Hampshire this week on Wednesday, and immediately drove to Pennsylvania on Thursday for my Dad's 65th Birthday Party.  As luck would have it, I got very stuck in traffic on 78 West and proceeded at about a mile every 11 min for about an hour, slowing down my progress a lot.  I missed most of the all day long party for my Dad, shown here at age five.


Isn't he adorable?  He looks nothing like that now, no chubby cheeks or anything like that.

I did get to say hi to 3 families and then they went home.

Today I took the dog to the creek and we played for a nice long time.  He then inspected the ground hog holes on the property wth a very cautious curiosity.  I have enlisted my Mom to take some photos of him at the creek tomorro.  So I can share some of his adventures.  You are all in for a treat because my Mom takes really really good photos. 

Teulu has discovered Horse and Buggies….very common on the road where my parents live.  He unfortunately barks his head off, resulting in moving him from the front porch to the back in hopes of a quieter night tonight.  I wish I could have him inside, but my Mother has 3 cats, and so he is playing at "Outdoor dog" for the next few days.  He seems enthusiastic, and I think he is thinking of this as camping out in the backyard!



My next contract places me back in NC…but very far from home…


I'm going to be at Brunswick Hospital, a small hospital about ten minutes from the beach!!!!


   I had a little and short lived fantasy of living in a beach house.  Unfortunately my company did not share my fantasy, so I will be in an apartment house in Wilmington.  WHich is still a beach town and very nice.  Once I adjusted my expectations I began to get very excited.  Of course, I am a little nervous because I am starting fresh once again.  Although I was pretty exhausted in NH, I made some excellent friends of the staff and felt both cared for and respected by the staff, which is not always the case. 

For the next contract, I will be working nights and I will Finish on December 23rd!  Just in tome to enjoy my family at the holidays.

So, my big plan is to attempt to follow an hour by hour regimen that a friend of mine tried to get back on track with running and studying, and also some other things such as Chowder eating….

So look forward to winter Beach photos.

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3 thoughts on “What a whirlwind

  1. I've been wondering about you! It sucks about the traffic and the birthday party. But, I bet your Dad was glad to see you…late or not.
    I'm glad you got another contract that will put you at home for Christmas.
    Beach pictures, creek pictures….any pictures! yay!!!

  2. Great. Wilmington is a lovely town. I spent a couple of nights there while on a whirlwind road trip along the east coast (Atlanta to Boston). I can remember a very good micro-brewery on Front Street, excellent range of beers and smart interior. Check it out (assuming it is still there!).

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