Teulu…is sick….

I took Teulu to the vet today because yesterday I noted that he seemed to have a bite on his left ear.  Actually he has a Hot Spot located, of all places around his left ear!!!  It was all covered up with hair.  It;s likely this started when he had a big flea problem a few weeks ago.  Sometimes our vets flea medications do not work as well as I would like them to, plus all the swimming he did just allwed the infection to fester.  So he is now on antibiotics and is acting very mopy.  This could of course bedue to the big stress of moving, yet again…and coming home to find a wiener dog sleeping in his bed!!!

In honor of him, I thought I;d share some more photos my Mother took.  She took 200 photos in all, but I will not share ALL of them!


As havybeaks  pointed out, he sure does love the water..


And love it some more


and looking philosophical, I think he is thinking about how he likes water….


ANyway. My Mom is sure a crack photographer. 

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5 thoughts on “Teulu…is sick….

  1. I Love your mom's photos! She's got a good eye:)
    My Malamutes used to get hotspots from the stress of showing. The doctors told me it's actually like a fungus? We used a lot of Gold Bond powder on the spots and that seemed to knock it out pretty quickly. It seems like the double coated or longer coated dogs are more prone to hot spots.

  2. Thanks Shell….He is on an antibiotic, and it is getting a bit better…
    I'm going to try the gold bond. I think it would heal faster if he would stop bothering it. As it is, he has been so quiet, we are all a little worried about him.

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