I thought I'd post a post about Book Crossing, which I think many Voxer's know about, but I am thinking about it recently, so I decided thats the best thing to write about, even though I think I have written about it before, it's been so long, I can not recall it.  And perhaps I can get a few people started in the habit!!


Bookcrossing launched in April 2001.  I joined last year after reading about it on 43 things.  It''s a thriving international community of people who love reading books, and Surprises.  There are many ways to use the site, and many people exchange books via book boxes, and defintiely get recomendatiosn for new reads.  But what actually captured my imagination is the "Wild Release"

Wild Releasing of a book means that one labels it with a nice label such as this one:


it gets a BookCrossing ID number, so it can be identified.

Then the releaser chooses a spot and leaves the book.  The idea of course is that some lucky soul will find it, pick it up, read it, and enter the number into the site and leave a journal entry, and THEN…re release it into the "wild"

I like this idea very much. Unfortunately so far, I have released 39 books and have had one "caught" and journaled.  Since I read so many trade paperback mysteries over the summer, this week seemed a good time to go on a release spree.  In addition, since I read so many Murder Mysteries, October seemed a good time to release them.  So I have released books…all over North Carolina.  I thought I chose good spots….resturaunts (of varying quality), rest stops on the way to the beach, diaper changing areas for children's books, bus stop benches, and coffee shops.  I released 9 in all.  Mostly mysteries, a children's book, and a few historical fiction dealios.

I will add, I signed up for alerts on releases, and actually went as far as visiting some of the places where a book was supposed to have been released, and could NEVER find the book, soooooo, perhaps I'm not quick enough!

I have about 10 more to release.  Any suggestions as to where would be good?  I hope as knowledge of the site grows, so will knowledge of the practice.  Americans it seems as quite self concious, and never want to pick up something that isn't thiers, even if no one else is around…after all, it could be considered stealing (Despite the take me, I'm free…labels.) 

I'm hoping some weekend beach goers found my books, and will journal when they arrive home. 

Anyone iterested in Bookcrossing?  Check it out at (My user name is Katiebell, duh, so you can find me there!)


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16 thoughts on “BookCrossing

  1. I've done this too, last year and have since stopped doing it because none of my books have ever been re-registered. PLUS, I've actually PURCHASED books at the library (gently read! lol) that have had this sticker on it.
    I think you're right about people being self consious about picking up something that isn't theirs. I know I was before I read about this:) Here's a funny story about THAT though. A couple of weeks ago, I had taken my niece to the doctor and while she was in the room with the doctor (I wasn't allowed to go back with her), I walked outside, leaving the book that I was reading on my seat so as to claim the seat I was sitting in for when I came back. When I came back 5 minutes later, another lady had my book and had already started reading it. I politely asked her if she was enjoying the book, she didn't answer. I then said (pretty loudly) that I was really enjoying that book and would highly reccomend it. She still didn't answer, just kept reading. I FINALLY had to say that this was my book and I was enjoying it very much so could I please have it back. She just looked at me like I was an alien and said, she was sure this was her daughter's book. It was an adult book and her daughter (who was sitting beside her – also looking like her mother was insane) had to have been no more than 9! How could it have been her daughters? I DID get my book back! I won!!!! lol

  2. Shellakers, I thought you were going to say you found out she was deaf! Being that she's not, that was just really rude of her! Sheesh. Yay, for getting your book back! lol
    I've never heard of this program, katiebell, but I like the concept. I may have to check this out. 🙂

  3. lol, that's sort of how I got into the whole recorder thing to begin with. I got free lessons in exchange for being willing to perform as needed. 😛 This bookcrossing thing sounds neat. I bookmarked the page and I may have to try it.

  4. What a great concept. I have been wondering what to do with the piles of paper backs that are building up in the spare room… I may as well release them in to the wild rather than leave them boxed up.

  5. I love the concept. I am frustrated by the lack of catches I have had, but because my parents have so mnay boxes of trade mysteries, it allows me to keep releasing and trying different things…If you get started I'll be interested to see how things go for you. Did you register?

  6. Oh Holy cow…
    I was just wondering about exactly who this ScottSorochak was…Duh. he's the CEO for Bookcrossing. I feel a bit like a Celebrity now. 🙂 Thank you Scott…I'll keep releasing.

  7. you are a celebrity…great post and make sure you have a stickie note on the front of the book that let's folks know its a BookCrossing book for them to pick up….you hit a lot of great places that are popular in releasing and catching books so keep up the great work…sometimes folks don't register/make journal entries right away but keep with it, it'll make your day when you get that email from someone in another city,state,country that now has your book!
    best, Scott

  8. Hi, I'm a bookcrosser too and I LOVE mysteries. I haven't had much change to read lately as I've been taking classes but I'm planning to read something now that I'm finished for a while. I'm DonnaJ71 if you want to look me up on bookcrossing. Lately I've been going through this weird stage where I'm reading "chick" books like The Red hat club, Divine secrets of the ya-ya sisterhood and sisterhood of the traveling pants. That's totally out of character for me but what can I say? I read everything really…..even cereal boxes and tabloid headlines if I'm bored. I think I'm an addict.

  9. Hi Donna!
    I looked at your shelf! I've never been really into the chick books, but I think they have Merit.
    SInce you like Mysteries, I'm going to suggest Georges Simenon. he's really my favorite writer. Or the more fresh and Hip Colin Cotterill…

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