Grandma’s Pumpkin Pie

Last week I went shopping with my Mom.  She had a coupon from Bath and Bodyworks.  Last year she got me a bottle of the Candy Cane shower gel and I surprisingly loved it.  So, we decided to go and get some again, since it is a seasonal item and not something I can always pick up.  I initially found that bathing in the stuff left me feeling a little sticky, like I had after dinner peppermints stuck to me, but that when using it in the morning as a gel, the mintiness tended to be a real eye opener.  I was happy to be able to get some again.

So instead of the peppermint, This is what I was confronted with…




Its hard to read, but the products are Pumpkin Pie, Pecan Passion, and something about Cherries.

Interestingly, here is the ad copy for “Pecan Passion”

Bath & Body Works Temptations
Three-in-One: Body Wash, Bubble Bath and Shampoo (16 oz)
Pecan Passion
A LOVE SO IRRESISTIBLE, IT WILL DRIVE YOU NUTS. She was giddy as she gazed through the store window at the most fabulous shoes that, to her knowledge, had ever existed. “But I promised,” she thought to herself, remembering the boxes of new shoes that lay on her bedroom floor unopened. “But what if they disappeared never to be found again?” As she began to panic, her resolve melted like ice cream on warm pecan pie. “Hold tight,” she exclaimed with credit card in hand. “I’m coming for you!”

OK, that ad copy makes a ton of sense for bath gel??  What on earth is going on? 

Now, I realize that Bath and Body works is currently a success, and that these scents and ad copy must be a part of this strategy, but it makes no sense to me.  I love shoes.  I am a shoe-shopaholic, but they have nothing to do with me wanting or not wanting to walk about smelling like a pecan pie. Shoes and shower gel are not related in my mind.  I see that the ad copy is designed to create an impulse purchase (playing on the disappearance factor) and both unneeded shoes and shower gel are often considered impulse buys. I am intrigued that they manage to suggest credit card use….(something that totally turns me off since I refuse to use credit cards at all….) I suppose this sort of copy appeals to 19 yrold college students??


Do we really want to smell like Pecan Pie? Or Pumpkin Pie? (I did read somewhere that men like these odors, but do they really want your hair to smell like pumpkin pie?)  I love the way they both taste, and I like smelling them as they bake up, but I never have had any desire to slather either substance on my body. I’m totally confused as to why this appeals to people.  Can someone tell me why this is such a great seller?  Should I be attempting to smell like Grandma’s house at Thanksgiving?  What on earth am I missing? Until I figure it out, I’m sticking to Zest, Safeguard, and scents like Clean Linen (Which bath and body works also sells, off in a quiet corner away from the promotional jazz).

I enquired about the peppermint soap and was told it goes on sale the day after my Mothers coupon expires.  The sales lady then attempted in vain to direct me back to the pie flavors of gel.  Strangely she was confrontational with me when I stated point blank that I didn;t like these items saying, “Well everyone else does.”

To be honest, I’ve been rather put off by the scents available and the pushy (and screechy voice) of the sales people.Amazingly, I overheard 4 different sales people, all using some scripted approach, all met with disgust from the shopper, and ALL in exactly the same confrontational, loud tone of voice!!  I think they must be specially trained to screech and push!!!!!  I think I’ll shop somewhere else for Bath products from now on.

Here are some of my top choices for better scents, less screechy sales persons.

The Body Shop

Crabtree and Evelyn




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5 thoughts on “Grandma’s Pumpkin Pie

  1. I am with you on the Bath and Body Works sales methods. They are owned by Limited Brands, Inc. (current and former stores – some brands have been sold over the past decade or so – including The Limited, Victoria's Secret, Express, Abercrombie & Fitch, Lerner NY/NY & Co.) and are generally managed with the same pushy sales person approach…mostly because I beleive their sales people are all on commission. They also have some heafty sales goals to meet each season when they come out with these "special" products. Then of course you run into the biggest problem and that is that the base salary/pay for these folks is garbage – and so generally you end up with people who have no real customer services skills, but instead are drones that do exactly what they are told. Period.
    Sorry for my own little rant…I worked for Learner NY before it was sold many years ago and have my own serious beef with Limited Brands and some of their business management practices.
    The Body Shop is one of my favorites – I also highly suggest trying out the bath gels made by Philosophy (found online or at Nordstroms or Sephora – online has the full line of "flavors"). They smell great and feel great on your skin…their body lotions are fantabulous also.

  2. Preach it sistah! I thought I was the only one who thought smelling like pecan or pumpkin pie was just pathetic! It truly sound sticky and disgusting to me! lol

  3. I have the pumpkin pie one and man I LOVE IT. I love anything pumpkin. I just go insane for that smell. So it makes my showers nice and sort of, cozy, I guess. That's the associations I have with that smell. The scent doesn't really linger after you wash it off (I don't use it to wash my hair though so I can't say if it does when you shampoo with it) so its just a nice smell in the shower and that's it. It saves me from eatin' a lot of pie, that's for sure.Different strokes I guess. There are those people who like the heavy rose/lilac/flowery smells and I hate those.

  4. I have to say I've been put off by some of those food smells, too. They seem to get weirder and weirder every year.And, similar to Anne above, I think the salespeople at Limited tend to take a too-familiar tone w/their customers. And I can say that b/c my friend was a manager at B&BW for years and she'd probably agree…

  5. This is an interesting point of view. The gel really satisfies you enough that you do not want pie? It's goods the scent doesn't linger, the peppermit scent does stay, and I like it so I think I am a bit hypocritical….I just keep imagining people walking about offices smelling like Grannies kitchen…

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