Where to Run Next???

I'd like to make this a contest, but I am unsure I want to commit definitely to any one particular suggestion I may get here. 


Sooooo.  Let me throw this out here.  This is a Semi Contest!!!!! 








My training is starting to be more consistent and I am running a bit stronger.  Thus I am looking at a half Marathon in February or March 2008….

But as a contract worker, I have no plans for February or March.  So, I have not picked out a particular race.  At this point, I can go ANYWHERE in the United States (I still have time to get a license for a Non-Compact state)

So I thought I'd throw this out there.

Anyone have a particularly fun wonderful race they would like to suggest?  I want to hear all about it!!!!!!!

If I decide to go there and train and run for my next contract, the Suggester will recieve a variety of race related paraphenalia,  a wonderful pair of BALEGA SOCKS and possibly some other surprises such as a nice bag of good coffee…There may also be Runner Up or Honerable mention prizes…such as exciting Lace Locks for your shoes!!!!

*Please submit your choices in the following "format"

*Name and location of race. 

*Date for this year if known.

*Your experience of the race (Have you run in it, or volunteered for it, how many times…etc etc YOU DO NOT HAVE TO HAVE RUN IT TO SUBMIT IT)

*Details of the course (ie is it hilly, through a historic neighbourhood, etc etc)

*Number of participants (If you know it)

*Any Quirky Info (costumed runners etc…unusual aid stations)

*Why you would recommend this race over others.

*Feel free to submit your own photos and such to lend to the excitement.

I am open to any race that is between the Distance of 8 miles to the Half Marathon.  Though I am leaning towards the Half Mary. 


Balega Socks are some of the best ever, so I highly recommend making a suggestion!!!

Since it may take up to 6 weeks for me to get a License for work in some places, I will leave this as an open contest for Three Weeks. 



I Hope lots of People will submit their favorites!!!!! 


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27 thoughts on “Where to Run Next???

  1. This is an excellent idea newman…but for the beautiful Balega socks, you will need to give me an actual event!!!! 🙂 I figure, you having travelled about a lot, probably have some idea of whats good out there!!!!
    I hope no one suggests someplace terribly cold!

  2. Cool post idea, Katiebell! Since I'm going to be running the Austin Marathon (which also has a Half Mary), I'm going to suggest that! It's in Feb, and you can't beat Austin for a great cool city.

  3. I'm entering my good 43things friend Faustus's suggestion here, so I can keep track. Of course with only two suggestions this is pretty easy so far!!!

    Faustus42 things

  4. I can recommend a Half Marathon for October 08', even though that is not the timeline you were looking for. However, the St. George Utah Marathon was rated one of the top four "Marathons to Build a Vacation Around" by Runner's World. So, if you are looking for a great Half Marathon and a vacation while you are at it, maybe you should check this one out. St. George Marathon & Half Marathon

  5. What a great idea. Maybe this is something that can keep going to keep as good references for races around the country. My entry would be the Great Western Half Marathon which starts in St. Charles, IL in May. While it's a little out of your time window, this might be one you can consider as a follow up to your Feb/Mar race. I haven't run the race yet (Not in Half shape at that time of year) but I run the course almost weekly when doing my long runs. It's a converted railbed and is extremely flat. Also pretty much shaded. Crushed limestone and asphalt with no concrete. Here is a recent run that I've done on the trail. (12 miles) Hopefully this year I'll keep my training up so that I'll be ready for a half in May.

  6. I don't know what happened to the rest of my post.Canyonlands Half Marathon, Moab, UtahMarch 8 2008I have run the same course in October (and will run it again this Sunday, on my birthday!)The course is hilly and at altitude. If you come to Utah early (see below), you'll have time to adapt. You will be running through some of the most beautiful scenery on Earth, the red rock canyon of the Colorado River. There are hoodoos and spires (rock formation) and sheer canyon walls all around. It's gorgeous.3000 participants.Plus, you can meet and run with the incomparable Monotreme. He might even be persuaded to help set you up with a job in the Salt Lake City area. Utah is a Compact State, and Monotreme works at a school that has a Nursing Dept that you might want to visit/teach in. We could always ask. Monotreme's boss sits on the board of a local hospital. Monotreme is not as well-connected as he makes it sound, but he is desperate to meet you one day.

  7. Up here there aren't many late winter / early spring marathons, but one I've run before is the Martian Marathon:Date: 2008.04.06Location: Mars (aka SE Michigan)Size: 1000+ in the half, ~300 in the fullSense of Humor: HighMartians: at least 13 (you'll find an inflatable alien at each mile marker)Course: flat, wide, pedestrian trail in a riverside park
    Expo: ummm, you can buy "marathongs"…Organization: Great. Running Fit puts on good races; I've done this one plus a couple of their trail runs.Photos: plenty on their site, but if you want I can dig some up that Amanda took during my race in 2006.

  8. Ooooh, it sounds great. I would probably get there some time in January, so I'd have time for altitude adjustment. Though Monotreme, I am really struggling right now to cover enough miles….(I ate too much apple pie in New Hampshire!).
    No problem to get a job in Utah…I got the Headhunters.
    Ahh it sounds very appealing. See now I Have a problem. Run in Georgia, meet Faustus. Run in Austin…meet Wefloat…run in Utah…,meet the incomparable Monotreme.
    Maybe the incomparable Monotreme would like to come to Georgia?

  9. That is supposed to be a great mary! in fact…Monotreme and Faustus ran it together this year!!! They even gave out crazy free prizes for early bus borders (like ipods, i heard.)
    I'd like to do it as a Mary, but for now, I am struggling with mileage, so going to stick to first the half mary plan.

  10. I know several people who are headed to Key West for the Half Shell Raw Bar Half Marathon. (It's the name of the restuarant that sponsors the race) its at the end of January but its a very cool race. My buddy Tom has ran it 3 years in a row, he plans his vacation schedule around the race date. It would certainly be a place you don't race everyday.

  11. Oooh So Cool, to run at Mile 0.but the question remains, can I be ready by then. Still having a nagging pain in the left leg. But at least I am used to the pain.

  12. OK, I think a cool one would be the Berry College Half Marathon in Rome Georgia on March 1st. It runs on a college campus which I guess is supposed to be very beautiful and scenic. It has about 600 participants and is in its 30th anniversary. Their website is http://www.berryhalfmarathon.com . That's my submission. If you're looking for something a little more high profile, a lot of runners from the Terre Haute Indiana area (about 25) are running a half marathon in Key West Florida near the end of January, if that's not too early for you.

  13. Brilliant!I would like to suggest the Mardi Gras Marathon on February 24. I've always wanted to run the 5k there (I'm not quite at a half marathon yet) but they also have a marathon and 1/2 marathon. First off – New Orleans… hello. How much fun would that be? Second, the course looks incredible, beginning at the Superdome and running through the French Quarter and the Garden District. Third, all the food. Oh, the food.I'm envious that you can pick up and run anywhere. I have to stay local. I hope you find the run of your dreams!Your friend from 34Things: HappyPhantom

  14. Oh I always try to race wherever I am. For this next contract, I was at a bit of a loose end as to where to head, so I thought I'd look for a really cool race and design my contract around that!

  15. I looked up the Berry Marathon/half….It does look like fun, and fun to support something so tangible…like the school, rather than something nebulous like "research"

    I gotta say currently Monotreme is in First with Wefloat running a close second. It may well end up being wefloat as there is a lotter for Canyonlands, and currently there are no contracts posted near Canyonlands.

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