Runner Killed in NC

This article, brief as it is, tells of a runner killed this morning. She was struck by a car, and died later at a local hospital.  Police are unable to identify her at this time, so no one can notify her family.

When I was searching for the news article on line, I was surprised at how many articles about runners being struck by cars were out there.  This unidentified woman touches me particularly because they say she was wearing unmatched socks, something I do from time to time.  Initially I thought Oh, here's a case for Road ID . But then I started thinking about it more and realized it was a case for wearing lighter clothing, altering running time, or running in a different area.

Please do not run on the side of roads with no sidewalks in the very early morning.  It is very very very hard for drivers to see you.  If you must run on such a road at such a time, please wear a ton of white, as well as a blinky light and reflective striping on your clothes, don't run with your ipod.  I still think road running in the dim morning hours is asking for an accident, even with precautions


Be Careful out there.

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7 thoughts on “Runner Killed in NC

  1. Believe it or not I find that running on the side of the road is safer than a sidewalk – drivers rarely check the sidewalk when pulling out from or into a driveway, and sidewalks have lots of hidden cracks and overhanging branches.I totally agree with the lights – that's why Haven and I look like this when running in darkness.

  2. I think it depends on the road as well. This road is fairly heavily traveled in the morning. My Dad used to go run on farm roads and such, but he picked ones that had very little traffic, and he was a verrry early riser…

  3. Good advice.With the change in Daylight Savings Time this year, I've been doing allot of morning runs with my LED headlamp on. It not so much to help me see but to help oncoming traffic realize I'm there. The headlamp I'm using also has two little blue LEDs in the back as well.

  4. Good advice![This is sarcasm] That's why when I run I have a group of friends that follow me in cars and advise them to all throw on their high beams on me while I exercise. Sure it stinks for morning drivers trying to get to work on time as I consistently back of traffic for miles but the important thing is I'm safe.

  5. This is the first time I have heard of "Road ID", its a great idea – I have often wondered "What if?" while running miles from home with zero identification on me. However to avoid needing Road ID, I never run in the dark, avoid running on roads (and run on the correct side if doing so), and never run outside with an iPod on.
    HB is right – pavements near residential driveways are dangerous as people drive in/out without looking.

  6. I've always said that I need to get a Road ID but never got around to it. You don't even need to get hit by a car to need it. What happens if you have an heart attack or something else where you can't speak for yourself?
    I think I'll go buy one today. Thanks for the link.

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