Two a days

Today I started running twice a day.



I tried to do this before, but never really succeeded.  I was able to run and do some other sort of workout like swimming, or spinning, or weights, but I never really found myself able to motivate to get out and run twice.

Thsi Month's Runner's World featured Desiree Ficker.  She is of course a Professional Triathelete.  So she works out twice a day at a rate which I shall never achieve.  After looking at her schedule, I decided that the two a day run might be possible a few days a week.  It's a way of getting in mileage for me at the moment as I attempt to build up my stamina. 

It went pretty well today.  I got going a little too late for my first workout so it was very hot (like 85 degrees), and somewhat humid.  There was a wind that made it seem a little cooler.  I ran slower than I expected, and I think it may have had something to do with the Quasi breakfast of a glass of milk and coffee.

My Second Run went better.  I was much much faster on mile one.  The rest was all just sort of junk, but I did complete the planned run.  The humidity for my second run was at 87% so I was dripping by the time I finished.  It was a bit like running in a sauna….

After this run I found this chart on line:



According to This Site  the A zone and B zone mean that atheletes need breaks every 25-30 minutes.In the B zone atheletes should be taking in fluids.  It doesn't say much about C and D.  Several of my runs have entered the C zone.  I don't think any have entered the D zone!


I'm not really sure why I think this is a good idea, but I do think it is a good idea. I hope to do 3-4 two a days a week.  I'm holding off from more because I am getting a small shin splint in the leg that I had the stress fracture in last year.  So, I'm going to try it, gently, and see how I do… 

  Oh yes….Of course my contest is still open.  As I noted before Monotreme is currently in first, and wefloat is in second.  And I am thinking pretty seriously about the Martian Marathon mentioned by Havybeaks…

At any rate, it is nice to be running again.   


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4 thoughts on “Two a days

  1. I like how this chart mimics our national terror alert color coding system… I'm confident there's something meaningful in that realization :)I'm impressed by how committed you are to running. I just started again a few weeks ago, and then tore a ligament in my knee while dancing. All hopes of cross country have gone quickly to the curb.Your dog seems terrific and happy. If my cat could be trusted to scale mountains, I'd definitely take him along with me as well.

  2. yeah I am also impresses at your running. I just started running in the summer. I have never been a runner but now I love it, wish I ahd more time to do it. I am up to 10 minutes of running straight without walking, that's alot for me, so don't laugh LOL….My goal is to run a 3-5K

  3. I've done two a days lot. High school and college cross country running. I do it now whenever I train for a race. It's for sure a good way to really ramp up your metabolism as well as get in better shape. Lots of people argue that running two four milers is better than running one eight miler. Having done both ways…I tend to agree that breaking it up is the way to go. Just start easy and don't do too much too fast. Start with doubles maybe twice a week..before moving to three times….also make sure your milage increases per week aren't more than say ten to fifeen percent.

  4. Like Chris says, two-a-days are a great way to make mileage a bit easier on the legs. You probably know this already, but the reasoning is that when doing a 6 mile run, after 3 miles your legs get zero recovery before doing another 3 miles; if you do 3 in the morning and 3 in the evening then your legs get a few hours of recovery. I can see this working well for you since you have such good stamina (doing 800 crunches and 30-minute planks *after* hitting the treadmill) but you've dealt with stress injuries in your legs in the past. Let us know how it goes!

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