Contest Winner!!!!


I would like to thank everyone for their great suggestions.  It gave me a lot to think about.  Especially today I  seem to have overdone it a bit and am having very sore knees!

The Winner is MONOTREME!  and the Canyonlands Half Marathon!!!!!!!


wefloat came in a very very very close second with the Austin Marathon/Half  I just was unsure if I could be ready by February 17th. In addition I was rather sold on the scenery of Canyonlands!


Vox has decided to make my Pictures small, but I suppose you can easily look closer. 

The course is very challenging, and it will be a struggle for me I can tell by looking at the Map. THe immediate steep downhill is just asking for trouble!!


In addition to the hills, there is the situation with the Altitude…Currently, I am working on the coast of NC.  I am exactly 28 feet above sea level.  This race is not 28 feet above sea level.  The plan is to get a job starting in January and hopefully acclimate myself.  (My secret thought is that I can then run for 3 months at altitude and then go somewheres low altitude and make some nice PR's. we'll see).



The other challenge here is that it is a lottery.

Apparently Monotreme, Faustus (of 43things fame) and I will enter as a team, and hopefully that will increase our chances.


If we don't actually get in, I'll know by December 15th or so.  And then I suppose Austin may become a back up. 

I wonder if Wefloat would like to run Canyonlands?



First Prize: Monotreme!

Second: wefloat for the Austin Half….It's just a we bit too soon for the way I am moving along….but you are welcome to come to Utah!!!! (Let me know if you want to and we'll but you on our team…

Third: Key Lime Pies of 43things fame for the Whidbey Island Marathon (which I might sitll participate in.

Runners Up:  havybeaks ( I LOVE the concept of inflatable martians at every mile..but I wonder if I would hallucinate them mocking me…) since it was out of the date time, I am wondering if I might still be able to participate!

and dutterman for the Berry half Marathon…what a charming race!!!!!

Thank you Everyone, this was fun for me!!!!

THose winners please contact me with your address and you shall recieve some socks (tell me a shoe size), and some other surprises!!!!

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6 thoughts on “Contest Winner!!!!

  1. Aww well, at least I was the winner of my "state group" of Michigan. 🙂 Cool idea for such a contest, though, and it's awesome that you have the ability to pick one among anywhere in the country!

  2. Your winning race looks like it is in a very cool area! Good luck with all your races!
    And Whidbey Island is gorgeous, I hope you do still participate in that one since it is part of my old stomping grounds and will always have a special place for it in my heart. 🙂

  3. That looks like a great race. I hope you have fun. Enjoy the West. I loved running there. Your plan of getting there early to aclimate makes a lot of sense.
    How are you able to get a contract for only a few months in different locations? I would imagine packing up and moving every few months would get to be a little old after a while.

  4. OMG, it does get old. I work for a Travel nurse agency. nurses are short all over, so technically I get to "see the country" while working. It pays very well (for nursing) and I get bored easily, but yes, the moving….I just pack light and leave everything at home.

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