Poor Puppy

I wrote a while back that Teulu had a hot spot on his ear.  I should have put on an E-collar immediately.  i thought about it, but he hates it so much that I didn't, thinking that i could control him with gentle reminders and Valium.

Alas, his sore spot has continued on much too long.  Today I visited several stores and finally found one for him, and have placed on him his cone of shame and silence.  He is taking it fairly well, mostly making disgruntled noises from the cone of blue. I think he realizes it has something to do with the irritated ear.  But of course he is probably thinking…..

"Gosh darn it all, it's halloween, but I don't need to look like a gosh darned idiot."



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7 thoughts on “Poor Puppy

  1. Teulu, what's up!!!!! You will feel better soon. It could be worse, you could be about to run 26.2 miles in four days and just waiting to see when plantar fasciitis hits you along the way!!!!! Hey Hol hope you are well! Here goes nothing!

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