21 more left

So as today dawned, I now have 21 shifts left.

Of course this is a bit of a rant.

This place can be INSANE!

Last night I inherited an intubated patient on a ventilator.  After getting a bit organized, I realize this man has this huge plastic tube shoved into his lairway, and is on a machine that is focing air into his lungs, but that he is neither restrained, nor sedated.  This is asking for problems. When I asked about either of these things, I was told "Oh we don't do that"  Apparently they just "watch the patient". (when I picked up the patient he was in a room with the curtain pulled so no one could see him….)  If a patient pulls out that tube, it generally has to be put back in and it is a lot harder because now there is trauma to the airway…..

I eventually insisted on restraints.  Apparently the nurses do not like to fill out the paperwork to do restraints.  it;s about 2-3 pages of paperwork.  No biggie, all checkboxes.

Soooo, now I look like a Holier than thou person because I was so so angry about this.  But what can I do.  I'm always going to do what I believe is prudent and safe for the patient.

I know I'm not going to get any kind of a good recommendation from these people.  but his wife did thank me in a very genuine way, which is not exactly common.

I hate when doing the standard thing makes one look like a big stinker. We'll see how the next 21 go!

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5 thoughts on “21 more left

  1. What ever happened to the patient's needs and comfort come first? I'd much rather have you as my nurse than the ones that don't like to be bothered with paperwork. ~sigh~

  2. Restraints are a big deal because people have died in them. And there is a suspicion that they could be used for convienience, So on paper you have to document everything you tried first before restraining someone but in the case of a tubed patient pretty much if you do not restrain them people wonder what the heck you were thinking, except at this hospital.

  3. Every now and then we patients are blessed with a nurse who cares like you do. I'm glad to hear that his wife thanked you. I always thanked my nurses. In fact, once, my kids even brought one of my nurses some flowers because she was having a rough day. She cried. Anyway, if I was the intubated patient, I'd want to be sedated. That's VERY uncomfortable and many people pull at their tube, don't they? You're a saint to go against the others who can't be bothered to do the right thing because checking boxes is just too much work for them.

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