My New Heros!

Since coming to Wilmington, I've got a new set of heros!

It's not superman, or wonderwoman, or even the Heros on the Television show Heros.

Instead my Heros look a lot like this!


It's the cadre of responsible dog owners who scoop poop!   Pooper Scooping is really truley Gross.  before moving here, I pretty much tried to avoid the business, by walking my pup in isolated areas.  But now, I am living in an apartment complex which is the only one in the city without size restrictions on dogs.  Clearly, there are a lot of dogs here.  And a lot of dogs equals a lot of poops.

I see about half the owners of dogs trailing after their pooches with a wadded up plastic bag, just waiting for the deed to be done.  The others of course, attempt to pretend they somehow did not notice their dog, attached at the end of a leash, doing his business.

I've decided the people who do clean up after their dogs are really heroic.  It's a thankless task, heaven knows the dog doesn't care, and nothing dampens anyones enthusiam more than watching someone clean up Poo from the ground.

But supposedly cleaning up poo is helpful to the environment and of course it adds to the beauty of any area, and who likes to step in doggie poo? And if you need a celebrity endorsement, well….even Barbie is doing it!



So my Hero for the day is all those hard working poop scoopers!!!!  Cheers to you!!!!!!!!!


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5 thoughts on “My New Heros!

  1. They get a hip-hp-hooray from me too! I lived in a condo complex prior to my Big Move and there were days where I felt like I was the only one who cleaned up after my dog. Now it is just my yard – I am still working out sticking to a regular schedule of taking the shovel and flinging it down the hill (which is still my property, but is all wild underbrush).

  2. I LOVED the Barbie cleaning up poo! So Funny!
    I like how the parks in our area provide little doggy poo bags at the trail entrances. I've been to quite a few state parks lately and they've all had them. Of cours, at home in our own yard, we have a pooper/scooper. The kids clean up behind Dixie the little beagle just as soon as she goes. I've stepped in too many piles of poo in my younger day to want ANYTHING to do with it now! lol

  3. Cleaning up dog poop in the backyard was one of my chores as a child. That's probably why I don't like to do it now. Although here we use a shovel and fling it into the woods. There's no messing around with picking it up and then putting it into something. So I really shouldn't complain. I too applaud those who clean up after their dogs. It's a common courtesy. It is bad that the poop Barbie is picking up looks just like the food in the dog bowl?!! :O

  4. That poop-Barbie is hilarious! One time I was out running and Haven pooped on a residential street when I didn't have a bag. I actually drove back out there and picked it up after I got home – I didn't want to give both runners and dog owners a bad name!

  5. It really is gross, no matter which way I try to spin it.
    I too was alarmed at the food looking exactly like the poo…
    And Kudos to Havybeaks….people watching, if anyone saw must have been confused about a driver who suddenyl stopped, scooped poop and then left!

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