Fear and Trepidation

The Lottery for the Canyonlands Half Marathon  Opens November 15th.  My 43things pals Monotreme and Faustus (they have real names, but probably not such a good idea for me to "out them" if they prefer to not be known by the real names) and I are going to run it together as a team lottery entry…anyone else interested? 

I am completely freaking out.  Admittedly it is a half marathon only, not an ultra or a Marathon.  It's 13.1 or so miles.  I could walk this in my sleep, considering I walk currently approximatley 7 miles a day with the dog. (I measured it with the Garmin, and couldn't believe it!)   But I want to run it and run it fairly well. I would die of embarassment if I ran a 13 mile race in say 3 hours.  or even 2 hr 45 min.  Of course no one would care but me!

I have been unable to run for about a week because my left leg is hurting terribly.  SInce I stopped running it has stopped hurting so much, but I attempted a little jog today with the dog and I could feel the loading pressure of me on that leg.  Not a nice sensation.  I did also make myself a totally custom made orthotic, (Like I made it, cutting little foam pieces until it felt right) for the left leg as it tend to really pronate so much more than the right.  We'll see if that helps or makes a new and different injury…

So WHY am I even trying again to rehab this leg, as it seems to crap out on me a lot, take a look at


The race isn't until March, which gives me plenty of time to train, and etc, but my leg is hampering all of that. 

I found a gym today though that does short term memberships, with a pool.  So I'm going to restart the swimming and cycling and weight training, all so I can try to be ready. (and lets face it, I like to swim!)

Hopefully by Sunday the leg will have stopped being so tweaked and I can run again.  Wondering if my two a days had anything to do with it.  I tend to think probably a little, but not as much as it would seem.  I just can't seem to properly heal up the injury.

On top of that, I  don't see that any job listings in Utah for this week.  This could all change in ten minutes, but currently thats they way it is.  So I am a little nervous about being in striking distance.  (I can also go to Colorado of I think NM and still be pretty close to Moab.). 


Any advice on the leggy?  Clearly no more 2 a days, probably I'm going to stick to one every other day. I'm going to add in a few treadmill workouts as well to simulate hills, as there are none here. 

And a whole lotta swimming. 

Fear has set in early.  I'm hoping the early set in will mean an early banishment as well.

Any other suggestions for my preparation?

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3 thoughts on “Fear and Trepidation

  1. I think you have pretty much got it down when it comes to working with your leg…swimming is the absolute best non-impact aerobic exercise there is. Cycling comes right in there too…and once you think it is starting to feel better again, lots of walking and jogging, but I would stay back off if it starts to bother you too much again. And you are in the medical field, so I assume you know all about the icing and heating and such.
    (No, I am not a "runner" but used to be a fairly intense soccer player many moons ago before several consecutive and relatively serious injuries put the kabosh on all that. I only ever ran if there was a purpose or a goal – like getting the ball or if someone was chasing me – never just to run!)
    All that said, that looks like a gorgeous place to run…if you like that sort of thing! 😉

  2. Maybe this fear is just anticipation – I get like that sometimes. That race looks AMAZING. If your leg doesn't heal then you should swim along the course in the Colorado River!Two-a-days aren't a problem in theory, but you do have to build up to it. Start with just one double-day a week or so. Anything in moderation, eh?

  3. That race would take me forever to run…not just because I am new to running but because I would have my jaw hanging open in sheer amazement of the beauty. Hey, and it's the dessert, you might not sweat so much :)As for training…you know this…pain is there to tell you to back off. Just pay attention to what your body is telling you. (I should heed those very words!)

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