I thought I'd post up a short update on my running since my last one was a little negative.

I regrouped and started running on Sunday.  I just went for my second run today, and while the leg isn't perfect, it is functioal.  3.0 on Sunday and an accidental 3.75 today (I intended to do 3.1 but I got too far from home.)

I decided the best thing to do was to use a very basic training plan so I started using Jeff Galloway's Half Marathon training program to finish.  I don't do all those walk breaks, because I prefer to run, but I think the program itself makes sense as it has nice cutbacks and stuff.  I think it will help me to avoid injury if I follow it.  THe galloway plan seems light on mileage to me, but when i think about it, I keep getting injured, so maybe I need to go light on the mileage!

So far so good.  Rest days inbetween running days is helping a lot. 

I feel positive.  My times are sort of slow, but I imagine it will improve over time. 

The lottery for Canyonlands opens soon, so I'm getting excited and hopeful for a successful race!!

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6 thoughts on “Running

  1. Remember the old Tortoise and the Hare fable; slow and steady wins the race. Sticking to a Galloway program sounds like an excellent idea and, while it might take some time to gradually get back to the mileage you were previously enjoyed, you should stay injury-free.You might want to consider using the walk breaks during a workout once and awhile. I have spoken to a large number of folks that absolutely swear by the "Gallo-walking" method and many of these people are quite accomplished runners (i.e. they are much faster than me). I'm planning on giving Gallo-walking a try in the new year.

  2. I take walk breaks all the time, or I stop completely for a few seconds. Not part of any plan, but it's easier to drink when walking, or I'll stop to watch an aircraft or bird fly overhead, then continue on.

  3. I started walking 1 min every 10 mins about 2 months ago and Im totally hooked and recomend it to everybody! I started to make things a little easier on my knee and continue now because I can go so much longer and more consistantly faster than before.Setting out for a 90 mins run can feel daunting but breaking it into 10 min segments makes a huge psychological difference. instead of looking at my watch and thinking 'still 60 mins to go..' i can look and say '3 mins to go' and add that 10 to my total when I take a walk break. It also makes it easier to hydrate, I have a few mls of water every 10 mins. I really resisted this idea for a long time but my speed has actually improved quite considerably. I think because Im only ever under 10 mins from a break, I can keep up the pace, where as if I have a long time to go, I easily feel myself slowing and end up coming home a lot slower than when I left, these days Im coming home at the same speed.

  4. I've followed the Galloway program for about 18 months now and it's been great. Usually on runs less than 6 miles I will run straight through but for the longer ones, I walk a minute every mile. Really breaks up the run and allows me to run further and recover faster.
    It's a great way to go.

  5. I am so glad to hear this recommendation!!! I'm mostly still walking when I feel like it (Which is once about every 1.5 miles or so.) but as I get into the longer runs, I will probably be a little more strict.

  6. It's a funny thing. Back in July, I ran a 4 miler. My friend ran it too. My goal was to finish because I hadn't run in 2 weeks. Hers was to "run the whole way through". She ran the whole way through. I walked when I had to, and finished several minutes before her….

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