Hash House Harriers on the wrong side of the law…

Check out this article.  Apparently a sister and brother, acting as "Hares" for the harriers in New Haven caused a major bioterrorism scare in New Haven.

I am appalled that they were required to donate 4K to charity to have the charges dropped.  I do however, understand that it must have seemed strange to people to see a guy biking along spreading flour on the ground.

I love the Hash, I'm a little too slow for the now, but I ran with them in Kenya and Liberia.

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One thought on “Hash House Harriers on the wrong side of the law…

  1. While I understand that spreading flour in a parking lot is not what the public would expect, it's clear that the authorities strongly overreacted. Nobody checks on the utility guys who spray paint sidewalks. The story reminds me a lot of what was discussed at Velonews about police being biased against cyclists. I can see how it happened – I was once the cause for mass panic. 🙂 In high school my friends and I TP'ed a buddy's car in a busy mall parking lot in daylight. A few shoppers called police. Somewhere along the line the game of "telephone" must've been played as the entire city's police department rushed to the scene due to reports of "gangs of teenagers throwing firebombs and bashing cars with baseball bats". What the heck?Luckily the police recognized our prank as harmless and even went so far as to praise our creativity. I bet the New Haven cops had a similar experience and once they decided to evacuate, they had to force the "perps" to make some kind of retribution for the ensuing disruption, even if the police's miscommunication caused it.

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