Holiday Shopping

I know it's just November, but I feel compelled to tout some of my favorites for gifts, and also some pitfalls (in my opinion) to avoid.


Stationary.  With email and very inexpensive phone service, combined with the high cost of stamps, consider how many letters actually get written each year.  Unless you know your intended recipient is part of a super secret letter writing society, I would skip the stationary. 

BookMarks.  Most people mark their books with an index card, or a scrap of paper.  Fancy bookmarks often get lost and then people feel sort of bad.  Plus those metal clippy ones….Pffft. Of course, handmade by you, suddenlty this becomes a really cool gift.

Sweaters:  Unless you know this person wants a sweater, unless it is handknitted by you, most people have more than enough sweaters.

Anything you have on your wish list….usually it's your subconcious trying to get you to buy it, even if it's really not the best idea for the other person…


These things:

The fat content in these is not worth it for giving…..

If you feel like sending a food gift, consider something like Oranges, Apples, or Popcorn.  You can usually order the Oranges through a band booster sale. For some fun Popcorn gifts, I have used: The Popcorn Factory




Thumbs Up

for Neutrogena Deep cleaning Invigorating scrub.


This product is really great, while it isn't super fancy, I think it makes a great gift for any active person, the scrub has microbeads in it, but the best part is the tingling cold sensation the scrub creates.  This is an excellent stocking stuffer for any active people on your list. 





As an entertaining anatomy lesson Bones socks!


Your Orthopedist would love these, as would anyone else that has had lower leg issues…

Available for about 13.00 from this site

They also sell a variety of toe socks, and other entertaining socks.











For the environmentalist on your list (mostly for men however) Shaving oil!


From the Pacific Shaving Company this product is good for the environment, and they will plant a tree for each bottle sold.  It certainly would be easier to pack than the traditional shaving cream. 





Continuing on the environmental theme…

Bamboo products.  Especially Bamboo towels.


These are available at many many stores.  But one of my favorite places to shop is Shirts of Bamboo.

Shirts of Bamboo offers a really cute compressed container of bamboo towellettes, that retails for about 4.00, is reusable, and easily fits into a stocking. It also makes a cute Secret Santa Gift.  Everyone can use towels.




Subscriptions to Magazines.

This is an excellent personal gift. A subscription to a magazine about that persons interest is a gift that keeps on giving and giving and giving….


For those folks who really have everything consider giving a gift that allows them to address social needs


Heifer International is one of my favorites.  Note: If someone is overseas working, this is not a good gift.  My mom gave me an "Ox" donate when I was in Sudan.  All I wanted was for them to send the Ox to me, so I could eat it.

For a Business/entreprenurial type a loan could be made to an individual overseas via Kiva. It's a loan, not a gift, and it will eventually be repaid, but when done in someone's honor, it's still a pretty neat gift.  Plus, you get to pick who it goes to!!


Happy Gifting everyone!

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