Not built for speed.

So.  I have come to terms with the fact that there will never be


FLAMES coming from my shoes as I move along the road.

I ran five miles today.  This is the longest I have run since my unfortunate fall in February (when I broke the fingers, I won't rehash it…have no fear).

It was a bit difficult.  I found the first two miles were alright.  Mile three totally sucked for one reason or another.  Mile Four wasn't actually much better.  I started to feel a little tiny bit nauseous.

I allowedmyself to walk the last 0.10 of mile four because I was terrified by the idea of mile 5.

Mile five on the other hand was fine. I felt the lactic acid burn in my quads, but it wasn't too bad, and I also got a nice giddy feeling. Initially I thought it was a runner's high, but then I realized that I was probably just dizzy.  I just looked at my run on the computer (Garmin).  You know how they say the first mile is always the fastest??  My fifth mile, the one where I thought I was sucking wind…

was the fastest by about 10 seconds.  Personally, i think I just wanted to get to that shower.

Clearly, I am not meant to be out there sprinting things.

I'll say, I mailed off my registration for the "Gallop for the Gravy" 5K and based on todays 5K time, I am just hoping someone runs behind me in a ski mask wielding a large machete, because otherwise my time is not going to be a PR and I need a PR right about now!!!

Anyone else running on Turkey Day?

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4 thoughts on “Not built for speed.

  1. I miss running. I've been thinking of getting up before my husband leaves for work so I can sneak in a mile. It's just early early early and I'm lazy lazy lazy. I admire your dedication!

  2. That's a pretty good sign for you that you can that 5th mile so well – maybe your running is a bunch of hot embers and once you get some more firewood heated up, you'll see some flames.

  3. Hooray for the slower runners! I think it's great that you're increasing your mileage. Don't worry too much about your time.I may do the local Turkey Trot. I haven't committed yet because I'm not sure I'll be at home that weekend. I'm supposed to go about 4 miles on the day anyway, so it would be a fun way to get in my mileage.

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