Lottery Day!!!!

no I am not going off to squander my paycheck on tickets.

It;s the opening day of the lottery for the Canyonlands Half Marathon!!!!


My friend J is entering the three of us as a team as soon as it opens.  Yipee Yahooey Yay.  My long(er) runs have been coming along better than I thought they would, and my leg is feeling OK. (I have a secret about how I finally got my leg better, which I will share in later months. I want to be sure it sticks.)….

It's a good day.

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3 thoughts on “Lottery Day!!!!

  1. Woo Hoo!!!! I've got to get signed up for the Indy Mini here in the
    next day or two before it fills up. I've finally decided that I will
    actually be able to "train" to the level that I want. Good luck with

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