Quick update

Life has been, shall we say busy.

Mostly I have been going to work, as of Saturday, I put in 60 hours at work.  Not bad, but considering they were all night shift, gee, I am tired.  I have tongiht and then I am off for a few days.. I actually dream all day about interviewing for a job at a bank, and then getting it, on mindnight shifts and not knowing what to wear….I think that was the combo of the thoughts about Overtime monies and the interviews I've been doing for my next contract.

I run the "Gallop for the Gravy" 5K on Thanksgiving day…. Again, because it is a new race, i have this silly idea that I might win in my AG, but I am still too slow, so I am adjusting my expectations.  But because Wilmington is so flat, I do plan to smash my last PR. 

Running has been going much better than I anticipated.  With incorporating a few Walk breaks I find that I am able to cover fair distances.  This week is a cutback week and speedwork…next week, I bump up the mileage just a little bit.

I've decided to take the dog for speedwork, because he does enjoy running fast.  We shall see how that goes.

Teulu has finally healed his hot spot, and developed a wierd affinity for his cone device!  He's also lost a bit of weight, so I am feeding him eggs and dog food in an attempt to bring him back up to 76 lbs.  He seems to be well adjusted at this point.  We visited a lovely park last week, but Mom forgot the camera,, so he couldn't pose.  maybe this week…

Interviewed at Espanola NM hosptial on I think Friday.  It was a wierd wierd interview.  I liked the set up and would like to contract there, but the Manager was perfectly Neutral.  I should find out something on Monday or so.  Next time i'm going to find the contract, then the race!

What else?  I am trying a new recipe for Pumpkin tart on thanksgiving.  it's Vegan (which I am totally not) so I think it shall be healthy and interesting.  But in case it fails I got a few cherry pies from Harris Teeter….:)  Oh yes, working on Thanksgiving, and giving Thanks that I do have many many employment opportunities, even if they aren't always exactly what I'd want!!!


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4 thoughts on “Quick update

  1. You seem to have a great training plan, especially the part that gives Teulu some speedwork! Our dogs are 65 and 70 lbs, so Teulu might not be too far off. Why does he like his lampshade so much?

  2. Teulu has an affinity for the lampshade? Too funny!
    I like that you are keeping us updated on things and let us know how the Pumpkin tart turns out. 🙂
    Hope you enjoy the race on Thanksgiving!

  3. Teulu is supposed to weigh 75-76 pounds per the Vet. He got up to about 83 in NH and was looking rotund. Now he';s about 65, I do not know what happened, but I just gae him some more worm meds in case it was parasites. but I think I may have been overzealous with the diet and exersise combined. He's starting to looka little less lean….
    I dunno about the lampshade, familiarity…I guess, but I htought that bred contempt.

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