New Contract

I have finally signed sealed and delivered myself into a new contract in Espanola NM.  Apparently the interview which was wierd wasn't that wierd, because they offerred me the job this Monday.  A few little details need to be ironed out such as Housing and also I need to have the days off prior to and after the Half Marathon confirmed and negotiated into the contract.  But essentially it's done.  I will probably be living in los Alamos, which is 15 miles away and has more relaxed dog restrictions. 

but Espanola is an interesting place.  It actually has the ene ~ in it's name, but my keyboard is too tempermental.  Whats funny is that more of the Governmental signs in Espanola also lack the ene and they are permanent signs!!!


The elevation is approximately 5 thousand feet, thus it will be fine for training for the race in Moab which is approximately 4400 feet…

And NM is after all the land of enchantment!  There is a lot to do, such as


The Bandolier National Monument which is full of older cliff dwellings, and pink mesas!!!  70% of it or so is designated plain old wilderness, so a lot of hiking can be done there….unfortunately while pets are allowed in the parking lots, they aren't allowed on the trails…. but there are BLM trails that allow dogs quite nearby so I think we shall investigate those!

The altitude is going to be my undoing, if anything is. I've been told to plan on 3 days of adjustment for each 1000 feet, so that is almost 2 weeks of adjustment is all goes exactly as planned.  It's concerning that it's right when the miles really bump up in my training for the race, but I think I can plan to start there with a cutback week….hope so anyway.



Espanola actually looks to be quite pretty.  I am a bit unsure of it's being dubbed the Low Rider Capital of the World.  I'm not so into the low riders,  but the fact that it's so popular probably means little if any snow!!!


This is a highway shot I found when I googled the city.  It appears stunning to me, and remarkably with the low riders.

And the past apparently prevails at times….Here's a charming Motel sign which has to be from the 1950's or so….totally politically incorrect these days…


So…this will be my next adventure!!!  I'm pleased to have gotten the contract I felt would work for me…so as long as there are no snafus…this is it!!!








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11 thoughts on “New Contract

  1. Yay!!! I bet it feels good to have the next contract signed and under your belt. Now just to finish up in NC and get moved to NM. Looks like the average highs in Dec. and Jan. are in the 40's with the lows in the teens. that is pretty cold to me! I hope you have a good winter coat!
    Enjoy! and on warm days watch out for rattle snakes!

  2. LOL! Havy, I get terribly worn out! But I will have a few weeks in between. I don't move furniture, so its just a matter of getting myself, the dog, and my clothing out there. But, if I like this hospital and there is an opportunity to extend the contract, I probably will for 6 months…There's a lot to do/see in the southwest, and while training at high altitude is not entirely the best (look for a future blogging on that phenomena…I've been researching!) it definitely can be a good thing.

  3. It does feel great to have it finished, no more trolling on the job boards or feeling worried. the temps are going to be yuck, but…at least 40s during the day is not too bad. I did my last run here in 35 degree weather, it wasn't too bad once I got going….:)

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