Shoes, and the past….

I bought my Dad his Christmas gift today…

These beauties.


The Nike Vintage Elite!!!

Buying these shoes was really fun for me.  I'm feeling quite nostalgic.

My Dad bought me these shoes when I was about 7.  Mine however were blue and yellow. He ran in several models, all of which he found later made his leg issues worse.  (My Dad is a polio survivor and has very flat feet, as well as one leg slightly (not noticable) than the other, causing him some unique challenges). This was during the first marathon craze in the Seventies.  And these shoes were considered super high tech!!!! In my mind, I was so sure because they were designed for running I was sure to be the fastest runner ever…. right.  Fast forward to recess…

My running dreams were shot to heck at recess that day when essentially ALL the boys lined up to race m in my fast shoes….and they pretty much all beat me.  I ran like a girl.  A slower than the boys girl.  So, I had a pretty strong lesson regarding gear and gadgets.  They really don't make you better, or faster. Probably because of this experience I try to downplay or avoid too much technical gear because I know I'm not in a competitive range so I feel a little silly spending billions of specialty shirts/visors/pants when a cotton T does the same for me.  Shoes are a different story as the right ones prevent injury…something my Dad learned after attempting to run in those first  Nike Air models…(Too soft for pronators, not enough support, injury city…the Air models have improved greatly over the years BTW.) 

So this year, with the remake out, which looks exactly like the old version…I decided to honor my Dad and get him a pair.    I'm quite nervous and I am hoping he will think they are as cool as I do….

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