Long (er) Run

Today I went for my Long run of the week.  I feel a little funny calling it a long run, but it's the lingest run I will do this week, based on my Half Marathon training plan.

I've been feeling sad about runing since my "race" this week, so I was less than eager to go out and do 6 miles.

I took the dog out briefly before I went (He got an hour walk at 6 am…) and noted that in charater of my mood, it had started to rain one of those cold November rains….I wondered if perhaps I should wait for the rain to stop, but then I decided the rain wasn't likely to stop, but to get heavier.

So I went.

The beginning was difficult.  The pain that I generally feel in my left leg was flaring…As it often does it disappeared by mile 2, but it hindered my beginning.

I started out at a snail pace because I was a little concerned that I would not actually achieve the 6 miles. (The last time I ran six miles was February 2007 the day I fell and broke my hand.)… and for some reason it was so hard going.  I was going so slow though I had time to look at the leaves and such as i passed by.  The leaves have really turned some wild oranges and reds at this point in the year.  The rain on them made them very shiny.  As I continued on at the snail pace, I pondered many things, as people are wont to do on longer runs.

I thought about Christmas Shopping.  I though about the upcoming races I have planned…I am very excited because I am planning to do a New Years Run through Holiday lights in Pennsylvania and I have somehow convinced my parents to do the one mile walk with another couple!!!! I can't wait to get pictures of my mom and Dad with Race numbers pinned on them!  I really was feeling lousy but I just kept going.  I knew I was going pretty slow, but the point was to complete the distance, not to race it.  I kept thinking about how much I did not want to finish any future 5K in 35 minutes again, and that kept me going for a while.  I then had some ideas of stopping and throwing in the towel, but then I didn't want to deal with the feeling of defeat AGAIN.  I then started singing to myself.  As always the only song I really remember when running is Grateful Dead's Terrapin Station So, I sang it in my head, and out loud because of course I was going so slow I coudl indeed have carried on two or three conversations. I pondered the idea of using my Ipod, thinking perhaps it would help my pace, but then I thought about how dumb I feel running with the Garmin and the ipod, and I am not about to give up the Garmin.   


Somewhere around mile 3, the rain stopped.  I started to feel better, and actually picked up some speed.  I stopped thinking quite so much and concentrated a bit more on form and also on the pain I was feeling.  My shirt had gotten soaked in the rain and was particularly chafing…especially since we had 20 MPH gusts which were chilling.  Certain parts of my chest were starting to feel particularly uncomfortable…

And then the unthinkable happened.  I took a wrong turn.  All of a sudden I was running down a street I didn't recognize.  I figured I was one street down from where I had intended to go.  Oh No!!!! I finally saw a sign I recognized.  I had come out on to a large street…3 lanes on either side.  So I re routed myself…luckily it was early on Sunday and there was no traffic to splash me.  Clearly I was not too far from home, but, I found this most annoying.  Interestingly though the running started to get easier and more fluid as time went by.  I ran by a few drive through windows for Zaxbys and also for KFC and I recalled the moment in Dean Karnazes book where he describes trying to get tacos at a drive through without a car….

In fact, all except for one mile, I ran negative splits through the entire run.  This is an interesting thing that I usually do.  Most people run the first mile or two faster than the rest, I tend to start low, and speed up as time goes by.  My Doctor thought it a bit unusual but he said I was always in it for the distance/endurance.

 At any rate.  I am pleased to have it done.  I am a little dismayed at how long it took me, but well….I did it. 

A  note on my training plan.  I got a little concerned that my Galloway plan wasn't so good, based on my 5K, the lack of actual miles during the week (he has a runner doing timed runs but no specified distance) and some other thigns to switch over to Hal Higdons plan….but I altered the long runs….Hal only has a runner running up to 10 miles on a long run and makes the statement that "The adrenalin will carry you through the last three miles."  Ha. Adrenalin never did much for me….so I changed about the long runs so that I cover 14 miles and then taper nicely.  I think I'll have more success with this.

And very happily there is no increase in miles next week, just another 6 miler.

Apologies for a not interesting post…this is just me thinking aloud about the whole thing.

I still feel like my long run was a shorter run, and I'll feel this way until I hit ten…and lets hope I hit ten with no new exciting injury….


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2 thoughts on “Long (er) Run

  1. Your runs seem so much more eventfull than mine. Alot of my running could best be described as "It's time to make the miles". It part of my former life as a competitive distance runner. I'm glad to hear that the training is coming along.

  2. LOL. It probably helps that your miles go by a bit faster than mine.
    My actual job is often "It's time to make the donuts, or tend to patients" so as a competitive runner, you've just done it so much….
    Incidently, I've been taking your advice and running on Grass/sand track. the sand is killer, but I am sure it's making me stronger…

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