QotD: Penny Pinching

What are some ways you save money? 
Submitted by Pixiemom.  

I am a real cheapskate in a lot of ways.

I got to movies at Mid day, rather than during the evening.

I fill up my car (this is mostly for summer) in the morning because apparently due to the coolness you can get more gas in the car…(Wish I could remember who told me this and why I think it is true.)

I use the Library for books for the most part.

I hoard pennies, which is not really helping me save money, but eventually I roll the pennies and put them in the bank. So far in the past 5 weeks, I seem to have found about 5.00 in change…when it gets to the bank, that will be some "free money"

More useful ways:

I dump spare money into inaccessible places like 2 year CD's (Yay I have one that matures in July!), known stocks, and my IRA. 

I pay my bills on time and avoid late fees.

I do not use Credit Cards.

I try to cook at home, bring my lunch to work…

One thing specific to my profession:I buy three pairs of scrubs for work at the 9.00 price.  These are the plain navy blue shirts and tops.  I do not buy the scrubs with weird dancing angels, ranibows or sports teams that cost 30.00 each.  I figure someone is bound to vomit, pee, poo or bleed on my scrubs so why pay a lot of cash for them.  I look cute enough in the navy blues not to worry about it.  Plus I seem to be taken more seriously.

THe only thing I can not save cash on is SHOES.  specifically running shoes. Occasionally I am able to get the outgoing model on sale and I will actually buy 3 pairs at a time especially if I am afraid they will do what Mizuno has done lately….make their shoe wider those dastardly bunch.


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5 thoughts on “QotD: Penny Pinching

  1. In answer to your gas comment/question…I beleive whoever told you this was probably referring to the amount of gas that vaporizes as you are filling your tank, which in the summer particularly, can be en environmental issue (generally in larger cities/densely populated areas). I am not sure that the amount that vaporizes when the weather is warmer really has any noticable effect on how much gas is actually pumped or how much you pay, though. Mostly I just remember the news folks on TV requesting that gas is pumped early morning or late evening when it is cooler on days when the air quality is particularly bad.

  2. I've always heard that about pumping gas in the morning, too, when it's cooler, like Anne says above.And the library. I rarely buy books. The library can get me whatever I want!

  3. Anne might be referring to ozone action days when it's recommended to not fill up the gas tank until the evening.I wouldn't say you're that much of a cheapskate because Amanda and I do everything that you listed! We attend matinees (when rarely going to a theater), use the library, save coins, max out our IRA contributions, never carry balance on our credit card (and use the bonus points to pay for car repairs – extra cheapskate-y!) and make sandwiches for lunch at work. No caffeine helps save on drinking pop, too.And like you, we pay for quality running shoes. Although we don't buy scrubs; if I did, I wouldn't be taken seriously at work. 🙂

  4. LOL havy…I coudl find you a pair with airplanes on them….
    and Definitly could find a bunch for Amanda with either numbers for the business or dogs and kitties…
    How is everything going? Is stuff arriving???

  5. Just those treats in Amanda's photo so far… but we've sold two of them! We're getting some stuff Monday but our two largest orders should arrive on Wednesday.

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