Today was supposed to be a rest day.  I got a call though while I was out shopping asking if I wanted some OT tonight.  Well….Yes.  The OT rate is good, so I gotta take what i can get.  After I said yes, I bought my first ever pair of Cold Gear Frosty tights!!! and did some quick recalculating.  I thougth I felt pretty good so I decided to get in my second run of the week today rather than on Tuesday, since I’ll be sleepy on Tuesday.

It was a wierd wierd run.  It had a definite high point and a huge low bonk-a-licious point.

It was hot and muggy so I decided to run in my cotton shorts and a t shirt.  I ran for about 0.40 miles and suddenly the grey sky opened up… I didn’t take this photo but it looked alot like the day I experienced.


It rained, heavily.  I debated what to do.  And decided to just go on.  I was already soaked, I needed to get the run done.  So I soldiered on and on.

The high point came at about mile one.  The rain was coming down and dropping were hitting me all over.  I stowed the Garmin in my shorts so it wouldn’t get fried from all the water.  A green SUV slowed and rolled down the window…

and a guy gave me the V sign and shouted “Right on! Dedication!  Whoo Hoo!!!”  This was actually an incredible boost.  I ran well for another mile just feeling warm and fuzzy and wet and dedicated.

Unfortunately at mile 2…something unusual happened.  I bonked the biggest bonkity bonk bonk bonk eveah.

I stopped and walked, started again.


My legs felt like Jell-O. My stomach started to have

that sick feeling of nausea… I felt a bit confused about the situation. and I was at least 1.2 miles from home.

I kept trying to run again, but my head was feeling fuzzy and each time I ran it was with a very halting almost stuttered gait.  Suddenly, in a moment of clarity it dawned on me that this was the Mother of all bonks.

I had eaten a yogurt at about 5am,  and decided to go running at 11 am, when I was already feeling a little hungry.  Oops.  On top of that I was tired from yesterdays run….

so legs of jello prevailed.  I did about 3.4 miles.

Of course by the time I started having trouble, the rain had cleared up and I was left in a soaking wet shirt and shorts trying to pick up one leg after another.

Lesson learned about eating…Must eat….

Or be prepared to look and feel like this red creature!





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9 thoughts on “Bonk-a-licious

  1. I didn't run or do the Octane today. I am totally spent. I ran 8 miles on Saturday and 12 miles on Sunday. I actually took a nap when I came home for lunch today, then took another nap for an hour when I got home from work this evening. I probably won't do the Octane tonight. I've got some track work in store for tomorrow evening. Looking forward to that.

  2. Those are the same tights I have, well, the men's version anyway. They work pretty well but they're a bit restrictive.I bonked the biggest bonkity bonk bonk bonk eveah.That line cracks me up!

  3. That jello dude pic is awesome! It represents bonking well. Way to get out there and soldiering on when it rained. At least you got in a run, even with the bonking.

  4. I find I can't run if I've eaten recently. Sometimes I get exercise induced anaphylaxis (twice now), so I have to be a bit careful as I don't know what triggers it.Steady build up though, don't overdo it… I built up from 3 miles and did 3 half marathons last year – don't think I've got the nerve to do a full one though, I'll stick with my halves! (Yes, I'm a coward!)

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