QotD: My Alma Mater

What's your alma mater?
Submitted by Lies.

Got several in fact.


Let see.


Westtown School for High school. Long live the exciting Brown and White colors of Westtown.

University of Rochester, in NY for a degree in History…



A unique school where your Freshman grades simply don't count.  They are not reported on the transcript. it's only reported if you got a failing grade. Meliora means "All thats Best"  University of Rochester was defintiely the best for me.  I enjoyed my time there, and while I am certainly not a historian, I learned how to think well, research well and write well while there.




Oregon State University for a Degree in Museum Studies and Recreation Resources.


Home of the Beavers, and a pretty bad football team. I enjoyed my time here, took up rock climbing, crazy gym workouts and hiking. Also got my first dog!!!


Unversity of NC at Greensboro for my Nursing Degree, when I realized that being in Recreation resources just doens't pay the bills…and I was not getting married to a rich feller…


UNC is a pretty no-frills place.  But the professors (at least in Nursing and Biology) were solid.  I learned a lot and of course still use that education everyday…

Lest anyone should wonder, I paid for everything myself after my first Undergrad Degree which my parents helped me with.  Beyond that, all that education was and is still being paid for by me….(Though I'm almost done with my Nursing loan!

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5 thoughts on “QotD: My Alma Mater

  1. Yum Yum's is a fun place to go. And I think UNCG is a nice place overall.
    kind of a strange city overshadowed by the triangle, but you gotta go to Tate St Coffee Shop. Best place ever. Coffee and a bagel for like 2.00 in a big huge mug. I miss that place,

  2. Yes.. been there, too. I could send you a cup to NM, but I doubt it would stay warm, hehe.. I 'found' Tate St. Coffee while out cruising around one day and was caught out in a major rain. Good place to dry off and get warm.

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