Lack of Direction

Today was another gym day.  It was shall we say interesting.


I started by deciding to do a run around the lake that Jason showed me yesterday…It's a great place to run because the lake is populated by Geese, ducks and also Lots of Herons.  I love to watch Herons take flight, so I was distracted a bit by them.  It helped me to continue chugging along.  I ran 3.10 miles with no walking breaks.  the first two miles were slow ish but steady.  The third was very slow.  Unfortunately, just as I did on my last long run, I found myself running over a bridge that I didn't remember.  I was LOST again!!!!  And not just a little lost, apparently I overshot the turnoff to get back to the club by about a mile. So I ended up walking another mile to find my way back, grrrrrrrr.  Disgusted with myself, I eventually found the turn off, and was very embarassingly 20 minutes late for my appointment with the trainer.  he was great about it, saying, "Well, you have a really good excuse"   Today was upper body day.  V. Unpleasant. i just about died, side planks were also involved. 

Anyway, I just wonder why I have no sense of direction lately.  I am getting a little annoyed that each time I end up going for a run, I get lost and seem to do more.  I really need to pay attention.  In todays case it was quite difficult because around the lake essentially everything looks the same.  The turn off isn't marked, but still I made a special point to look carefully for it when I left it….

And even sadder, I was wearing a GPS Garmin!!! But I had no way to use it because I didn't know what coordinates I was looking for!  Insane!!!!

I did a bunch of form drills with weights as well today.  While this has not been enjoyable, this little bit of boot camp is probably going to vastly improve my running form and hopefully my times as well…as long as I don't veer off course in a race….and get lost.


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16 thoughts on “Lack of Direction

  1. That is SO easy to do! I was out on my fixed-gear (track) bike doing a loop to the neighboring town and back and wound up in the wrong town! I had to stop to ask someone at a bus stop where I was. I felt like an idiot and it added 70 miles to my ride!

  2. CHAD!!!! (Yes, I am screaming!) You just made my day!!!!
    I was having such a nice run too, until I realized nothing looked familiar and i did have an appointment with the trainer….
    Ahhhh, the "adventurous life" At least I was sure I was still int he same town….wild!

  3. I need to take your experience as a lesson and learn how to use the mapping feature on the Garmin 305. Apparently it can help get you out of the situation you were in but I'm not sure how it works on that limited screen. Fortunately you made it back though.

  4. Heh. Does it make you feel any better that I did this yesterday, except that I was in my car and in a neighborhood with which I am about as familiar as my own bakyard?
    And I am very envious of the running distances. Someday I shall have such numbers! Congrats!

  5. I used to really love the TM….but then I found I was able to run alot faster on the Mill than in real life, so I switched…for me, it's been a good thing. others don't seem to have as much problem transitioning between the two!!!
    It's the curse of moving all the time…I never know where I am going!!

  6. You're right – I can easily keep up a 6mph pace in the gym, but am much slower in races – mainly cos of the hills! It does kind of condition me though, so when running outside, I know roughly what a 6mph pace is. I guess I'm not really looking to vastly improve my times though – I have 3 criteria when I compete – 1] that I finish, 2] that I don't finish last and 3] that I don't walk at all. I achieved that on my 3xhalves that I did last year. I would like to get a little bit faster this year though!

  7. Hehe, as geocacher I can hardly loose my direction (we always have thanks our hobby a GPS unit – and spare batteries of course – with us).Ever thought of a GARMIN ForeRunner 305 ?

  8. Eol,
    I was wearing my 305! Like most runners though, the actual coordinates section is lost on us for usefulness. I am not very technologically savvy….I know how to program the workouts…and do them…..thats about it!!!

  9. Ah Katie…You should meet my wife. No joke, she was driving home to see her parents and got lost. Glad to see the training is still on track. I like getting lost…I'm a guy, so I know it's different but I like exploring on runs (again drives my wife NUTS). Anytime I travel (nonrunning of course) my favorite thing to do is just go out and explore the area. My friends can't figure out why I know so many shortcuts…lol.

  10. Bringing a GPS on your runs sounds pretty cool, I have to say. I thought I was fairly high-tech printing maps and route maps for my rides with 'the Google', but that's paper… ewww! I wonder if it is too late to mention to "Santa" (my wife…) that I need a GPS device… ;O)

  11. just checking on Vox before I head out…

    Look up on Google….Garmin 305. It has a cadence thing for bikers on the SAME device. It isn't exactly cheap, but I have used ti so so much and it has helped me to run longer stronger etc….and also not to overestimatemy distance (You know the…for all the effort I put in it must have been 5 miles, when it was really 3.5)
    And there are a lot fo good rebates going on currently….
    Better be very nice to Santa for the rest of December though!

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