December Disorganization

I really did not think I'd be prone to the Holiday stress that causes so much havoc in December.  I have no nasty inlaws to deal with or deep hidden family secrets to hide and navigate.  All my Holiday shopping is essentially complete.  But here I sit on the Third of December completely stressed out!  It so totally feels so un-Christmassy, I think we should start December again.

I have got to do so many little things in December that I run the risk of forgetting any number of things (Due to that sort of benign neglect that can get one in trouble) or doing things only half way.

So I am going to make a bit of a list (Just for me) to try to help me stay on task.

Pay Car Insurance by December 16th

Pack items I find I am not using in car.

Take items to House.  Get things like Gift wrap and a few items I wish I had (Sleeping bag.)

While at home, arrange for a House sitterperson. (Possibly call Happy at Home pet sitter and see if she will sit without a pet, she was quite good with Teulu).

Lawn care man and maintanence set up

Call TWC and see if my cable can be put on "Vacation status" at the house.

Cancel Cabel and Inet for here.

Get a Mail box at Mailboxes etc.  FOrward mail appropriately.

FInish filling out anf faxing stuff for new contract.

Continue training at the gym and at home.

Clean apartment and have it inspected by Dec 21st

Ask Nurse Mgr if I can have 4 hours off so I can get home at a logical time on Dec 24th.

Ask someone to fill a reco out for me.

See Physician at home.  (Must call  pronto for an appointment)

Pay physician what I owe

Pay Duke Hospital (FInd out what I owe).

Get Duke to mail a W2 to my New Mexico Address.  Get CCTC to do the same…

Deal with vaccinations and titres. (started to do this, will take an eon apparently)

Have Vet fax Teulu's Vax records to Kennel in Penna.

-get drug screen done-

Register for Resolution run…

Deal with running shoe concerns…(ie just buy a new pair of shoes darn it….)

PLan one Holiday dinner for family so Mom doesn't have to cook every day.

The scary thing is that I feel that even with this list I may be forgetting things! 



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9 thoughts on “December Disorganization

  1. That does seem like a lot, so no wonder you are stressing – however, a lot of them seem like quite simple things that won't take long to get sorted, so you should try and fit those in when you have a spare 5 minutes here and there.
    You'll get it all done!

  2. That does sound like a lot, but like Runnergirl said, some of it seems quite simple.
    I love that you have on your list a plan to make Mom's life a little easier. yay on you!!!

  3. I hate it when I have a ton of little, yet important, stuff to get taken care of. I travel for a living (usually Tues through Thurs) so I feel like every Sunday and Monday is like this…usually Sunday is spent making a list of all the things I have to get done on Monday. Of course, there is also the bigger list of projects and such that also need to get done, but are less urgent.
    In all my rambling I mean to say I feel your pain. Lists are good and I am sure you will get everything taken care of that you need to. Hang in there and remember to take a few minutes to just relax and clear your head…maybe a little hot chocolate with a peppermint candy cane to stir it with will help with feeling a little more festive? 🙂

  4. Yes, some of it, like paying the Car ins is very easy…but I've been trying to do it since prior to Thanksgiving, so it ends up on a nagging list because I keep forgetting to do it WOuld have done it today, but I had to sleep most of the day, and now I have to go train at the Gym.Tues will be my only "day off" from work this week so I am hoping to knock it out then. But all the packing and repacking of the car and the house thats 3 hours away, well..its a time eater.

  5. holy crap, I got really tired just reading that….breathe… I am gathering you are going away for a while….I didn't know you could put cable on vacation status? I know you can pull this list off, no problem LOL

  6. Quite a list you've got going there! That's really sweet of you to plan a meal so that your mom doesn't have to cook every day this month! I wish my daughter would do this for me! I'll have to suggest it to her:) I'm sure she'll thank you! lol

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